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The STAR www site is divided into a few parts, most will converge to a unique Drupal based content management system as time will unfold.

  • The front pages are written primarily with PHP, a scripting language that is ideally suited for web development due to its cross-platform portability, an approachable syntax, and its broad feature set. PHP also has built-in support for mySQL database tables, and much of the site's content (collaboration, publications, meetings, physics results, etc...) is created dynamically from PHP-based mySQL queries. Those pages and the back-end database design were developed by Daniel Magestro.
  • Many documents are ported into the Drupal content management system, a modular platform and a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Drupal will become our main content repository - STAR's Drupal implementation include a database back-end, secondary services and roll-back capabilities. Several of the initial home-maintained PHP modules have been ported to Drupal, thanks to Zbigniew Chajecki
  • Some of our documents are still (for historical reasons) in AFS. Those areas are being phased out.

As a Collaboration, STAR makes use of the web for much of its daily functioning: communication, documentation, organization and many other activities. In addition to being a tool for the Collaboration, the web also serves as a means for introducing our experiment, sharing our enthusiasm, and conveying our results to the rest of the interested world. This includes both scientists and non-scientists alike.

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Andrew Tamis|
David Stewart|
Central site design & maintenance
PHP scripting & support
mySQL database design
STAR publications
Jerome Lauret | Server configuration & support
Hypernews mailing lists
Drupal site config
Liz Mogavero | Collaboration support
Meetings & events coordination