New table for TPC slewing

Based on recent work I've done regarding First look at TPC slewing in Run 9 data, and presented at a S&C meeting, I would like to introduce a new table for this in the DB so that this can be calibrated in any other dataset as well and not hardcoded. I believe it would be appropriate to have the table at Calibrations_tpc/tpcSlewing.

Before defining a new struct/idl for this table, I looked at the structs already used for other tables in this DB and found that the tpcCorrection struct is well suited for this purpose. It is designed to represent a flexible choice of functions and an array of parameters for those functions. Because slewing is an interplay of the TPC pulse shape in time and the cluster finder's determination of the time of the pulse from that shape, and the shape will likely change with varying the parameters of pulse shaping in the front end electronics, slewing may have different functional forms in different years. This struct allows for such flexibility.

Another question is whether the table should have multiple elementIDs. I have found that slewing is different for inner and outer TPC pads, and this makes sense because the pulse shapes have a dependence on pad response. Therefore it makes sense to differentiate exactly along these lines, and use the already-defined OutToInnIDs DB table for the index of this new table.


  • Table name: Calibrations_tpc/tpcSlewing
  • Table struct/idl: tpcCorrection
  • Table index: OutToInnIDs