Validation of EEMC MC Geometry

Abstract:  Summary of tests performed to validate eemc geometry version 5.21.
ecalgeo.g version 5.21
  1. EEmc MC Geometry version 5.21
  2. Probe material distribution at phi=90 degrees
  3. Probe material distribution at phi=105 degrees
    1. SMD Problems at the sector boundary
    2. Likely need to set an air volume to kONLY='Many' to fix
    3. SOLUTION: Increase size of EXSG volume (logical volume which creates SMD planes)

ecalgeo.g version 5.22

  1. Probe material in 1 degree slices around sector 12 boundaries
    1. SMD planes show up in correct positions
    2. SMD spacer shows up in SMD plane notches
    3. Extra spacer material < 1E-4 radiation lengths in overlap of SMD and spacer region
  2. Probe material in 1 degree slices around sector 03 / 04 division
    1. SMD in correct positions
    2. SMD absent in the gap, as expected
  3. Current orientation of the SMD plane
    1. Looking at volumes using GDRAW(...)
    2. Looking at materials in each tracking step