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Preliminary for APS2021 (proton-Xi correlation function)


Run21 EPD 'Live' Calibration day 94-100

 Ongoing ...

Correlations and Fluctuations Preliminary Plots


1) All the preliminary plots MUST contain a STAR Preliminary label.

2) Please provide the link to your Blog page with the preliminary plots. 

OO trigger Apr 9 2021


Ahmed's photon v2 webpage


CSB-H4L and He4L binding energy

Title :

Measurement of H4L and He4L binding ennergy in Au+Au collisions at sqrt{s_{NN}} = 3 GeV

PAs :

Fluctuations in Lambda Multiplicity Distribution in Au+Au collisions at \sqrt{s_NN} = 3.0 GeV at STAR

 Presentation of current status of the analysis to the PWG CF

small system flow BNL discussion


Minutes of the GPC (#313) meeting on April 6th, 2021

Minutes of the GPC (#313) meeting on April 6th, 2021.


Quadrupole charge separation measurements in Au+Au collisions; implications for the chiral magnetic wave