MQ Monitoring

QPID server monitoring hints

To see what service is connected to our MQ server, one should use qpid-stat. Example:

$> qpid-stat -c -S cproc -I localhost:5672
  client-addr           cproc            cpid   auth        connected       idle           msgIn  msgOut
  ========================================================================================================       db2mq-service    9729   anonymous   2d 1h 44m 1s    2d 1h 39m 52s    29      0       epics2mq-servic  31245  anonymous   5d 22h 39m 51s  4m 30s         5.15k     0       epics2mq-servic  30965  anonymous   5d 22h 45m 50s  30s            5.16k     0       epics2mq-servic  30813  anonymous   5d 22h 49m 18s  4m 0s          5.16k     0       epics2mq-servic  28919  anonymous   5d 23h 56m 25s  1m 10s         5.20k     0  epics2mq-servic  19668  anonymous   2d 1h 34m 36s   10s            17.9k     0       mq2db-service    28586  anonymous   6d 0h 2m 38s    10s            25.7k     0       qpid-stat        28995  guest@QPID  0s              0s              108      0