Welcome to the STAR Embedding Pages!

Embedding data are generally used in STAR experiments for detector acceptance & reconstruction efficiency study. In general, the efficiency depends on running conditions, particle types, particle kinematics, and offline software versions. In principle, each physics analysis will need to formulate its own embedding requests by providing all the above relevant information. In STAR Collaboration, the embedding team is assigned to process those embedding requests and provide these embedding data, you can find out how the embedding team works in the Embedding structure page.

Over the past years, lots of embedding requests from different PWG's have been processed by the embedding team, please find the list in STAR Simulations Requests interface. If you want to look at some of these data, but do not know where these data are stored, please go to this page. If you can not find similar embedding request, you need to formulate your own embedding request for your particular study, please go to this page for more information about how to formulate an embedding request.

Please subscribe to the embedding mailing list if you are interested with embedding discussion: Starembd-l@lists.bnl.gov
And please join our weekly embedding meetinghttps://drupal.star.bnl.gov/STAR/node/65992