Guidelines For MIT Tier2 Job Requests


In order to facilitate the submission of jobs, all requests for the Tier2 must contain the following information.  Note that, because we cannot maintain stardev on Tier2, all jobs must be run from a tagged release.  It is the users responsibility to ensure that the requested job runs from a tagged release, with any necessary updates from CVS made explicit.


1.  Tagged release of the STAR environment from which the job will be run, e.g. SL08a.

2.  Link to all custom macros and/or  kumacs.

3.  Link to pams/ and StRoot/ directories containing any custom code, including all necessary CVS updates of the tagged release.

5.  List of commands to be executed, i.e. the contents of the <job></job> in your submission XML.


One is also free to include a custom log4j.xml, but this is not necessary.