Preparation meeting minutes

Database initialization check list

TPC Software  – Richard Witt          NO
GMT Software  – Richard Witt          NO
EMC2 Software - Alice Ohlson          Yes
FGT Software  - Anselm Vossen         Yes
FMS Software  - Thomas Burton         Yes
TOF Software  - Frank Geurts          Yes
Trigger Detectors  - Akio Ogawa       ??
HFT Software  - Spyridon Margetis     NO (no DB interface, hard-coded values in preview codes)


Calibration Point of Contacts per sub-system

If a name is missing, the POC role falls onto the coordinator.
                Coordinator           Possible POC
                ------------          ---------------
TPC Software  – Richard Witt          
GMT Software  – Richard Witt          
EMC2 Software - Alice Ohlson          Alice Ohlson  
FGT Software  - Anselm Vossen         
FMS Software  - Thomas Burton         Thomas Burton    
TOF Software  - Frank Geurts          
Trigger Detectors  - Akio Ogawa       
HFT Software  - Spyridon Margetis     Hao Qiu

Online Monitoring POC

The final list from the SPin PWGC can be found at You do not have access to view this node . The table below includes the Spin PWGC feedback and other feedbacks merged.

  Directories we inferred are being used (as reported in the RTS Hypernews)
  scaler Len Eun and Ernst Sichtermann (LBL) This directory usage was indirectly reported
  SlowControl James F Ross (Creighton)  
  HLT Qi-Ye Shou The 2012 directory had a recent timestamp but owned by mnaglis. Aihong Tang contacted 2013/02/12
Answer from  Qi-Ye Shou 2013/02/12 - will be POC.

  fmsStatus Yuxi Pan (UCLA) This was not requested but the 2011 directory is being overwritten by user=yuxip
FMS software coordinator contacted for confirmation 2013/02/12
Yuxi Pan confirmed 2013/02/13 as POC for this directory

Spin PWG monitoring related directories follows
  L0trg Pibero Djawotho (TAMU)  
  L2algo Maxence Vandenbroucke (Temple)  
  cdev Kevin Adkins (UKY)  
  zdc Len Eun and Ernst Sichtermann (LBL)  
  bsmdStatus Keith Landry (UCLA)  
  emcStatus Keith Landry (UCLA)  
  fgtStatus Xuan Li (Temple) This directory is also being written by user=akio causing protection access and possible clash problems.
POC contacted on 2013/02/08, both Akio and POC contacted again 2013/02/12 -> confirmed as OK.

  bbc Prashanth (KSU)