Technical Documentation of the Offline QA Shift Reports


 This page is meant to document technical details of files and databases used by the Offline QA Browser.

The codes are maintained in CVS under cgi/qa/QAShiftReport/. The code files also have some documentation within.


Web scripts


interface scripts for interaction with users

sessions.php Manage selection of sessions
menu.php Menu of options in the left panel
contents.php Display and manage contents of the report in progress
info.php Form for "Info" section of the report
formData.php Form for data entry sections of the report
wrapup.php Form for final comments of the report and submitter contact info
issueEditor.php Manage issues (meant to run in a separate window)
showRun.php Find and view complete archived reports
viewLog*.php Log viewers

helper scripts

saveEntry.php Record data saved/submitted by info.php or formData.php, including temporary in progress data entries; possibly continue to contents.php
showRep.php Display current contents of the report
submit.php Archive report, send emails, possible call shiftLog.php
shiftLog.php Handle submission of report to the Electronic Shift Log





Code modules for specific topics



setup.php Location of includes files and include base.php
base.php Basic information useful for all codes
*.html Standardized HTML headers and footers


shift.php Interface for session information
cookies.php Interface for browser cookies
db.php Interface for database access
files.php Interface for file access
forms.php Interface for using HTML forms
logit.php Interface for logging of activity

data structures

report.php I/O functions for reports
issues.php Define qaissue objects and associated functions
entry.php Define qaentry objects and associated functions
entrytypes.php Define possible entry types

special helpers

infohandling.php Work with info and wrapup portions of reports
loadSession.php Setup working environment once a session has been selected
fillform.php Fill forms using array values whose keys are form element names
preserve_wordwrap.php Handle line breaks in large text boxes (usually comments)
data2text.php Convert data objects into text or HTML for viewing



Reports and issues are kept in the OfflineQA database on db09.


Database tables


QAIssues Data for all issues
QAShiftReports Contents of all shift reports
QArunFileSeqIndex Index table to cross reference runs and file sequences with reports which discussed them
QAtemp Temporary storage of reports in progress