Howto run pythia6/8 or hijing or... without running starsim

If you want to run an event generator without running starsim, then this is the right page.   There are
example macros running pythia6, pythia8 and hijing located in the StarGenerator area under StRoot.

To run pythia6:
$ cvs co StRoot/StarGenerators/macros/starsim.pythia6.standalone.C
$ ln -s StRoot/StarGenerators/macros/starsim.pythia6.standalone.C starsim.C
$ root4star -q -b starsim.C
To run pythia8:
$ cvs co StRoot/StarGenerators/macros/starsim.pythia8.standalone.C
$ ln -s StRoot/StarGenerators/macros/starsim.pythia8.standalone.C starsim.C
$ root4star -q -b starsim.C
To run hijing:
$ cvs co StRoot/StarGenerators/macros/starsim.hijing.standalone.C
$ ln -s StRoot/StarGenerators/macros/starsim.hijing.standalone.C starsim.C
$ root4star -q -b starsim.C