Installing the STAR software stack


The pages here are under constructions. They aim to help remote sites to install the STAR software stack.

You should read first Setting up your computing environment before going through the documents provided herein as we refer to this page very often. Please, pay particular attention to the list of environment variables defined by the group login script and their meanings in STAR. Be aware of the assumptions as per the software locations (all will be referred by the environment variables listed there) as well as the need to use a custom (provided) set of .cshrc and .login file (you may have to modify them if you install the STAR software locally). Setting up your computing environment  is however NOT written as a software installation instruction and should not be read as such.

Please, follow the instructions in order they appear below

  1. Check first the availability of the CERN libraries as this may be a show stopper. If there is no CERN libraries for your OS version and/or the available libraries are not validated for your OS, you will NOT be able to get the STAR software working on your site.
  2. Your FIRST STEP is to install the Group login scripts. Although not all will be defined, the login should be successful after this step.
  3. The next step is then to install Additional software components
    However, your OS should also have installed a few base system wide RPMs.
    Lists are available on the OS Upgrade page as well as specific issues with some OS. Read it carefully.
  4. Then, install the ROOT library Building ROOT in STAR
  5. Finally, you are ready for a STAR library installation STAR codes

Sparse notes are also in Post installation and special instructions for administrators at OS Upgrade.