The STAR FileCatalog is an a set of tools and API providing users access to the MeataData, File and Replica information pertaining to all data produced by the RHIC/STAR experiment.  The STAR FileCatalog in other words provides users access to meta-data, file and replica information through a unified schema-agnostic API. The user never needs to know the details of the relation between elements (or keywords) but rather, is provided with a flexible yet powerful query API allowing them to request any combination of 'keywords' based on sets of conditions composed of sequences of keyword operation values combinations. The user manual provides a list of keywords.

The STAR FIleCatalog also provides multi-site support through the same API. In other words, the same set of tools and programmatic interface allows to register, update, maintain a global catalog for the experiment and serve as a core component to the Data Management system. To date, the STAR FileCatalog holds information on 22 Million files and 52 Million active replicas.


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