Charter for STAR's advisory board

  1. Membership

    The STAR Advisory Board will consist of up to 14 STAR members, including the Spokesperson, Deputy Spokespersons, Council Chair, Deputy Council Chair, Physics Analysis Coordinator, Software & Computing Leader, and Operations Coordinator. The Council will chose the other members. The Council shall elect six members: three from the collaboration at large, one from the STAR Operations Group and two from the ranks of the Physics Working Group Convenors. The latter six elected members of the Advisory Board shall serve staggered two-year terms. In the steady state, the Council shall elect three members each year. It is intended that members of the Advisory Board be chosen for their collective broad scientific judgment, technical expertise and realistic knowledge of the status, capabilities and available resources of the experiment and of the Collaboration, not as representatives of any particular institution or detector subsystem.


  2. Function

    Advisory Board shall provide advice to the Spokesperson and the Council based on in-depth study of issues of major importance to the Collaboration that are placed on the Board's agenda. These issues may include scientific priorities of the experiment, beam use requests and other STAR input to RHIC scheduling considerations, STAR budget and manpower allocations, urgent decisions regarding announcement of scientific results, and priority choices among upgrade paths, among others. The Advisory Board may appoint review committees and task forces to provide input and analysis on technical, scientific and technological decisions, as needed.


  3. Meetings

    Meetings of the Advisory Board shall be held at least once every two months and shall be called by and chaired by the Spokesperson, or by his or her designated representative. The agenda for regularly scheduled meetings shall be determined by the Spokesperson in consultation with the Council Chair. This agenda will be made available to Board members and to the Collaboration at least a week before the meeting. Other meetings to address specific issues may be called, as needed, by the Spokesperson or by the Council Chair. Summary minutes of the Advisory Board shall be made available to collaboration members on the STAR web pages.


  4. Council Review of Advisory Board

    The operation and utility of the Board will be reviewed by the Council after its first year of operation. A positive Council vote following this review will be needed to continue the Board's existence.