The pages below will show a few themes installed on this site. Note that installed DOES NOT imply core-support. Any theme used in the examples may be disabled at any point in time (depending on upgrade and theme readiness) or different themes may be applied to sub-pages for test and demonstration purposes. For more information on Drupal's theming capabilities, please consult the Drupal site theme pages. If you want a theme to be tested, let us know but first, pay attention to the scope of support (especially, a theme would need to be Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 supported by their developers). Only approved themes will be supported. If you chose to apply one or the other for your area, please note that:

  • theme validity and readiness will NOT be a criteria for holding an upgrade of Drupal
  • there is NO explicit or implied guarantee of support of themes other than the one officially supported by this site (typically "a" default and one or a handful of other themes for general support purposes)
  • your are expected to work with the developers to make your preferred them supported with newer Drupal versions

The current themes are in use by our site but unless marked as default or supported, using those themes is at your own risk. A theme will be considered as core-support if requested by more than three groups and, at the current request time, a version exists for our current Drupal version and the development version.