Star Junior Representative Election Information


Here is the information for the currently nominated Juniors for the vacant Junior Representative position. The election begins on 12/19/2016 at 6pm EST and ends on 12/31/2016 at 6pm EST. Both nominees have written a statement. The statements are below for you to read. 


Daniel Brandenburg

Hello fellow STAR Juniors,

My name is Daniel Brandenburg and I am a PhD student at Rice University in Frank Geurt's research group. I have really enjoyed being a part of STAR during my PhD and as a junior rep I hope to help make it an enjoyable experience for current and future STAR juniors. I feel strongly that STAR should be a welcoming community where we can all learn from each other. Throughout my time in STAR I have tried to help other students and lead by example to help make STAR a good environment for myself and others. I know that I have benefitted a lot from the older students that helped me get started in STAR. I think that being a Junior Rep will give me the opportunity to foster the same kind of cooperative and helpful culture. Also, I have a good relationship with many of the STAR seniors and am willing to talk to them on behalf of other juniors whenever needed. 
I know that people join STAR and in general pursue a PhD for many different reasons. For this reason, I will work with Alex and Kathryn to continue the successful pattern of including talks from various STAR alumni in the agenda for Junior's Day ( about working in industry, finding post-doc positions etc.). In general I think it is important to make sure that students graduating from STAR understand how valuable their time and experience is and that it can be applied to whatever field they want to move into. I work well with Alex and Kathryn and expect that the three of us will make a good team planning events and organizing social activities.
I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you through collaboration meetings and conferences and if I don't know you yet I hope that we can meet at the next STAR meeting.
Thank you, 谢谢, dêkuji, merci, arigato, gracias, danke!
Daniel Brandenburg


Niseem Magdy Abdelrahman

I love science and particularly Physics and Math. I was always wondering about the

underlying mechanism for the natural phenomena, and how this behavior can be explained
pricesley from Math and Physics. My love and interest increase over the course of my
post-high school study. I see myself in the future as a sincere scientist who has strong
passion for Physics.

Moving to the practical scientific environment, I have accepted an opportunity to work at
the theoretical physics center at MTI in 2013. Within two years I have succeeded with the
aid of my collaborators to publish four papers (Phys.Rev. C89 (2014) 055210, Phys.Rev.
C90 (2014) 015204, J.Phys. G42 (2015) 015004, Phys.Rev. C91 (2015) 015206) mainly
in the Effective Quantum Field Theory topics.

I moved to BNL as a visiting researcher working with Dr. Sorensen in the STAR
experiment in 2014. Now I'm a Graduate student at the Stony Brook University working on
flow measurements in Beam energy scan.

In my three years as STAR member I have learned many things about how the STAR
collaboration works and how important the juniors community is. The juniors community
helps many of the juniors solve problems in an effective way, and I think I could be a
valuable addition to this community.

Important Topics could be include:
1- Improving STAR Tutorial documents “I think we need that for the new members”
2- Creating a a competition for the best junior talk or poster at collaboration meetings
3- Keeping track juniors' progress in their working groups
4- Electing the junior of the year (based on them work) at the collaboration meeting.

Many more ideas could be included but here I have just mentioned a few of them.