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 STAR Beam Use Request for Runs 20 and 21



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BUR 2019 Document

Official charge Berndt Mueller

Dear Helen & Zhangbu:
I am writing to solicit the STAR beam use request for RHIC Run-20
and to request presentations at this year’s PAC meeting, which is 
scheduled to be held on June 10-11, 2019.
The 2020 RHIC run will be the second year of the planned three-year
high statistics beam energy scan. The 2018 PAC tentatively assigned 
first priority for Runs 20-21 to data taking in the collider mode at 
7.7, 9.1, and 11.5 GeV CM energy, accumulating at least 100M, 160M,
and 230M min bias events, respectively. Second priority was assigned
to fixed target runs at 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 5.2, and 6.2 GeV CM energy, 
acquiring at least 100M events at each energy, but did not specify 
exactly in which order these data should be taken, except that 
optimal use should be made of the availability of electron cooling 
to enhance the luminosity.
The STAR collaboration should not simply take these tentative 
recommendations as a given, but reconsider and justify the 
prioritized set of beam energies and the requested accumulated 
statistics at each energy, assuming either a 24 or a 28 cryo-week 
run in FY2020, followed by a 20 cryo-week run in FY2021. STAR should
also consult with C-AD about the number of dedicated LEReC 
commissioning weeks that are expected to be required during Run-20.
In addition, I request presentations on (i) the status of data 
analysis from previous RHIC runs and (ii) an update of the physics
goals for a short (16 cryo-weeks) forward Spin physics run in FY22 
with 500 GeV p+p collisions. 
The beam use request should be submitted no later than May 15 in 
order to allow the PAC members to study it in detail before the meeting.
Best regards

2019 PAC Committee Members 

Masayuki Asakawa, John Harris (chair), Huan Huang, Volker Koch, Jen-Chieh Peng,
Scott Pratt , Krishna Rajagopal, Mikhail Stephanov, Julia Velkovska

Bill Christie, Dmitri Denisov, Jamie Dunlop, Wolfram Fischer, Achim Franz (secretary),
Hong Ma, Berndt Mueller, Thomas Roser, Ferdinand Willeke

STAR BUR Committee and Assignments

Physics Highlights -- 
  - Heavy Ions: Aya Jowzaee (BulkCorr), Hanseul Oh (Jets), Xin Dong (HF), Sevil Salur (Spectra);
  - Spin: Zilong Chang, Jinlong Zhang
BES-II Upgrades:  Irakli Chakaberia (iTPC), Tetyana Galatyuk (eTOF), Rosi Reed (EPD)
BES-II Run Plan: Dan Cebra, Declan Keane, Grazyna Odyniec, Xiaofeng Luo
pp 500 Run Plan: Jim Drachenberg, Elke Aschenauer, Scott Wissink
The case for AuAU at 16.7GeV: Xiaofeng Luo
The case for a small systems scan: Wei Li

Ex-Officio    --  Helen Caines, Zhenyu Ye, Grigory Nigmatkulov
Chair         --  Frank Geurts