16:2011/JAN/24 QM2011 reordering


The revisition of priority list with respect to QM2011 and readiness of RUN9/RUN10 related analysis.
HF embedding helpers:
Mustafa Mustafa  (Wenqin Xu)
Barbara Trzeciak
HF embedding priority (24.1.2011 update)
 1) D0 in AuAu2007 (completing )
 2) D0bar in AuAu2007 (completing)
 3) D0/D0bar in p+p 200 GeV Run9 (20102901/20102902)   (completed wating for PWG QA)
 4) D*+/D*- in p+p 200 GeV Run9  (20102903/20102904)   (sample produced)
 5) gamma in p+p 200 Run9      QM   
    pi in AuAu Run 10
    K  in AuAu Run 10
 6) electrons in Au+Au 200GeV Run10   QM
 7) gamma in Au+Au 200GeV Run10   QM
 8) High-pT J/Psi in p+p 200GeV Run9   QM
 9) Upsilon in p+p 2009 (20101901)      QM
 10-13) electrons/pi0/gamma/eta in p+p 500GeV   QM
 14-15) Ke3+pi0  in p+p 200 Run9                          QM perhaps after QM 
 16) eta in p+p 200 Run9                                        QM
pi0/eta in Au+Au 200GeV Run10   QM
K3e in Au+Au 200GeV Run10   QM
Other Run 10 QM topics/ not yet requested
D0 in AuAu 200 Run10
D* in AuAu 200 Run10
J/psi in AuAu200 Run10 (low pT and high pT)
Upsilon in AuAu 200 Run10
-) Upsilon in dAu2008 -) Ds in AuAu 2007
-) electrons/pi0/gamma/eta in dAu 2008
-) J/psi in AuAu2007
-) pi0 & gamma  in AuAu 2007
Closed samples:
Upsilon in pp 2006 (done)
J/psi in pp2008 (done 10.2.2010)
D0/D0bar in CuCu 2005  (done 4.3.2010)  
pi0 (newDalitz) in pp 2008 (QA of completed sample)  (19.4.2010 closed)
Gamma in pp2008 re-production (20.7.2010 closed) 
 J/psi in pp2006 (18.8.2010 closed)
electrons in pp2008 re-production (paper in GPC) (14.9.2010)
Upsilon in AuAu2007 (20.10.2010 closed)
 J/psi in dAu 2008  (paperdraft in PWG) (26.10.2010 closed)
 eta in pp2008 re-production (paper in GPC) (1.12.2010 closed)
electron/positron in p+p 200 Run9     (11.1. ele closed; 18.1. closed)