HF PWG QM2011 analysis topics

Random list of collected topics for HF PWG QM2011 (as 10.8.2010)


Gang Wang:  NPE v2 and possible NPE-h correlation
based on 200 GeV data

Wenqin Xu:  Non-photonic electron spectrum in available Run10 AuAu data, and calculate the R_AA

Rosi Reed: Upsilon RAA in the 200 GeV

Yifei,David,Xin: Charm hadron measurement via the hadronic decays in both Run9 p+p and
Run10 AuAu 200 GeV collisions

Zebo Tang: High-pT J/psi spectra and correlations in run9  p+p  and its R_AA in run10 200GeV Au+Au

Xin Li/ Mustafa Mustafa: Run09 p+p and Run10 Au+Au NPE cross section.

Matt Cervantes: Upsilon+hadron correlations

Chris Powell:  low pT J/Psi in run 10 200GeV Au+Au to obtain R_AA and polarization measurement

Barbara Trzeciak:  J/psi polarization with large
statistic p+p sample (run 9).