Mike M., Feb 02, 2007

Hi all,
some brief comments after reading the newest draft (v2).

1) Overall, I really like the way the first page reads -- well done.

2) I think it's lacking a crisp explanation of why online jets are  used instead of offline, perhaps I missed it.

3) I think that Figure 2 should clearly be labeled as "Simulation".   It's in the caption, but the minute the figure gets clipped into  a  presentation the caption (and that info) are gone.

4) I would prefer the use of "Fast Monte Carlo" instead of "toy  model," for various reasons.  First, anyone in particle physics will  probably understand that Fast MC implies not doing full simulation/ reconstruction, but a quick smearing.  Furthermore, there's enough  info in the MC that you believe the results, whereas the phrase "toy"  makes it sound otherwise. Second, anybody outside of particle physics  won't know the difference between a fast MC and a full slow simulation.

5) Personally I find Figure 3 fairly confusing, especially when  dumped to BW.  I realize this comes down to matters of taste, but I  personally prefer to show the model calculations as binned histograms  (TH1::Draw("hist")).  The markers are in my mind too easily confused  with the data (given that this is really 6 plots).  Further, the  "hist" option will clearly show that the models were binned the same  as the data, and makes a nice distinction between data/theory.  By a  clever choice of line styles, you can probably even make this fairly  clear in BW.

6) In Figure 3 and in the text, would it be possible to use some  english to differentiate between A_N(>pi) vs A_N(<pi).  Maybe  introduce the phrases "quark-like" and "gluon-like"?  If you can find  a smooth way, it would sure make the p4 text smoother, and give some  intuition to fig 3.
I realize it'sa little tricky because Fig3b is kind of an orphan.  Do  you really need it?  They're straight lines , and you could quote 4  numbers in the text in a single sentence, even cutting down on some  space.  Then you could have a "quark-like" left panel and a "gluon- like" right panel.

But, again, I really like the draft.