Inclusive Jet Definition at STAR

Target Journal:  PRD

Principal Authors:  M. Miller, J. Balewski, R. Fatemi, A. Kocoloski, F. Simon, J. Sowinski, D. Staszak, B. Surrow, S. Trentalange, S. Vigdor

Abstract:  We present a detailed study of jet reconstruction in the STAR detector at RHIC.  Jets are reconstructed via a mid-point cone clustering of charged particle tracks and electromagnetic showers.  We provide a detailed summary of the definition of the jet energy scale, primarily the \textit{in situ} calibration of the calorimeter, a precise definition of the jet algorithm, and various correction factors derived from Monte Carlo studies.  Finally, we measure the inclusive jet cross section at $\sqrt{s}$ = 200 GeV, corrected for non-perturbative effects, and compare to several NLO calculations.  We find good agreement between data and theory, and note that the non-perturbative corrections are as large as the scale dependence of the calculation.