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The requested events of Zerobias for every run is equal to all the requested events of run11 (12,000) assigned into every run according to their lumi weight .

01 run QA


 The human-QA of 2011 W data was performed using criteria described here  and the table of all pp-long 163 runs is in att A)

W 2011 AL


 This is working document for 2011 W AL analysis

Upsilon pp, dAu, AuAu GPC E-mail Responses

 This is a page to house long e-mail responses.


 Page for uploading presentation drafts.

Results from STAR Beam Energy Program - ISMD 2012 talk by Michal Sumbera

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Upsilon pp, dAu, AuAu Paper Documents

 This page is for collecting the following documents related to the Upsilon pp (2009), dAu (2008) and AuAu (2010) paper:



Upsilon Paper: pp, d+Au, Au+Au

 Page to collect the information for the Upsilon paper based on the analysis of

Upsilon Analysis in p+p 2009 - L0 Trigger

26:2012/APR/24 QM update


29.5.2012 status

Heavy flavor muons


Non-photonic electrons


D mesons






Paper Draft Feb. 24

25:2012/FEB/21 QM 2012 list


HF embedding helpers:
Mustafa Mustafa (=> Xin Li)
Olga Hajkova
(Barbara Trzeciak)
Embeding on disk:
STAR requests page:
HF embedding priority
0) electrons in p+p 500GeV  (QA)  (20103104) QA
0) pi0 in p+p 500GeV (20103102
0) eta in p+p 500GeV (20103103)
0) gamma in p+p 500GeV (20103101)
0) Ke3  in p+p 200 Run9 (20103501)  on hold                     
0) eta in p+p 200 Run9 (20104804)                                       
reproduction ongoing
1) J/psi in AuAu200 Run10 (low pT and high pT) 20113101
3)K3e in Au+Au 200GeV Run10  (20103502) 
4)electrons in AuAu 39 GeV Run10  (20114301 and 20114302) SL10k
5)gamma in AuAu 39 GeV Run10 (20114308) SL10k
6)electrons in AuAu 62 GeV Run10 (20114305) SL10k
7)gamma in AuAu 62 GeV Run10 (20114303) SL10k
8)K,pi,D0,D* Run 11 Au+Au (pi+ (2012801), pi- (2012801), K+ (2012801), K-(2012801) )
9) K,pi in Run 11 p+p 500 (pi+  ,   pi-,  K+,  K-)
10) electrons in dAu 2008 (20a9d52e9df73a2ebd9da10496e7b8e6)
11) gamma in d+Au 2008 (36c1b4631b12157601a3c9684e57ae68)
12) J/Psi in Au+Au Run 11 (2012801)
13) pp500 Run11  NPE ele (2012801
14) pp500 Run 11 gamma (2012801)


15) J/Psi in pp500 GeV


pi0 in AuAu39 GeV Run10 (20114307) SL10k

pi0 in AuAu 62 GeV Run10 (20114304) SL10k

pp500 Run11 pi0 (2012801), eta (2012801) SL11d


Upsilon Run 11?





11) pi0 in d+Au 2008 (35d35e18b0d973a095fa183c4afdec26)
12) eta in d+Au 2008 (596a469dba1e94799da9fbdf9585079f)


Other  topics/ not yet requested
D0 in AuAu 200 Run10
D* in AuAu 200 Run10
J/psi in AuAu200 Run10 (low pT and high pT)
Upsilon in AuAu 200 Run10
-) Upsilon in dAu2008 (6e3fc974bf5cc484daa76bd45969eb5b)
-) Ds in AuAu 2007
-) J/psi in AuAu2007 (903b0d2f73dd55e0c03ea3de96a73ddb) 
-) pi0 & gamma  in AuAu 2007 (19290a03c139937805a064abf6041c0d)
Closed samples:
Upsilon in pp 2006 (done)
J/psi in pp2008 (done 10.2.2010)
D0/D0bar in CuCu 2005  (done 4.3.2010)  
pi0 (newDalitz) in pp 2008 (QA of completed sample)  (19.4.2010 closed)
Gamma in pp2008 re-production (20.7.2010 closed) 
 J/psi in pp2006 (18.8.2010 closed)
electrons in pp2008 re-production (paper in GPC) (14.9.2010)
Upsilon in AuAu2007 (20.10.2010 closed)
 J/psi in dAu 2008  (paperdraft in PWG) (26.10.2010 closed)
 eta in pp2008 re-production (paper in GPC) (1.12.2010 closed)
electron/positron in p+p 200 Run9     (11.1. ele closed; 18.1. closed)
D*+/D*- in p+p 200 GeV Run9  (20102903/20102904)   (1.2.2011)
D0/D0bar in p+p 200 GeV Run9 (20102901/20102902)   (6.2.2011)
D0 in AuAu2007  (14.2. 2011)


 D0bar in AuAu2007(14.2.2011)           

high pT gamma in p+p 200 Run9      QM   (low pT closed 1.3.;23.4. closed)

electrons in Au+Au 200GeV Run10   QM  (23.4. done)

 pi in AuAu Run 10 pi+,pi- QM (23.4. done)
 K  in AuAu Run 10 K+, K-  QM (23.4. done)
 pi0 in p+p 200 Run9 QM  QM   (6.8. closed finished sooner)
1)High-pT J/Psi in p+p 200GeV Run9 (QA)   (?!20103106 ) closed 19.8.2011
2) Upsilon in p+p 2009 (20101901) (QA) (20101901)  closed 17.10.2011
9)eta in Au+Au 200GeV Run10  (20103108) done 3/Jan/2012 closed 17/JAN/2012



Analysis Note (Kin Yip)

There is also a copy at the STAR Notes area: