StGammaJetAnaEvent (event container which stores the gamma-jet sided residual info)

StGammaJetAnaEvent is an event container which stores the information

StGammaJetAna (maker which does the shower shape analysis)

StGammaJetAna is the main maker which actually do the shower shape analysis.

StEemcGammaFilterMaker (BFC level Endcap gamma filter)

StEemcGammaFilterMaker big full chain (BFC) Endcap gamma filter

StEemcDstMaker (Emc dst event container - similar to the gamma maker code structure)

StEemcDstMaker is Eemc dst event container (similar to the gamma maker code structur

Documentation for the photon-jet reconstruction code

Documentation for the photon-jet reconstruction code (Ilya Selyuzhenkov)

2010.09.10 Data to MC comparison with official EEMC gamma filtered production

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Event selection

  1. Official EEMC gamma

L2 Parameters


2010.09.08 First look at the official EEMC gamma filtered production

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Invariant Mass fits


In order to calculate the yield of the Upsilon (1S+2S+3S) state, we need to be able to subtract out the contribution from Drell Yan (DY) and the b-bbar continuum.  This is difficult because th

Invariant Mass


0-60% Centrality

From ntuple generated on 5/25/2010.  Macro MacroUpsAAInvMassMakeHistosFromTree06012010.C is attached.

NmbAA calculation


NmbAA = #upsilon minbias events in the given centrality bin

upsilon minbias trigger ID 200611

HLT Review Page - Common Content

This page can be used for common content for the HLT review, Summer 2010.


12:2010/AUG/17 QM&Paper proposal HF priority reevaluation



HF embedding priority (31.8.2010 update)




Minutes HF meeting 2010/08/10

2010/10/03 Meeting Minutes


2010.08.10 Timestamps study for the simulation request

Summary for the gamma filtered simulation request

Generate Monte-Carlo events for

HF PWG QM2011 analysis topics

Random list of collected topics for HF PWG QM2011 (as 10.8.2010)


Gang Wang:  NPE v2 and possible NPE-h correlation
based on 200 GeV data