SpaceCharge and GridLeak Calibration for online


 calibaration of SpaceCharge(SC) and GridLeak(GL) with online

cd /star/u/yjye/yjye1/HLT/SpaceCharge/SpaceCharge/online/RTS/src/L4_HLT
operation step:
1. we need to files, "HLTConfig" and "conf_18171003.xml" in the run_l4Emulator.csh, which is supported by Hongwei. 
2. set the value of "spaceCharge" in online_tracking_TpcHitMap.cxx. The value is decided by the sc which is calculated on the
   offline. The step of the value change is 0.001 or 0.002.
3. ./run_ye18171003.csh