e) gamma (B=Jan, E=Jason+Paul)


RTS params

2 int dbg, prescaleAccept
4 float  seedEtThres, clusterEtThres, eventEtThres,solationEtThres

two sets for B & E.

======== ALGO =======

1. Get list of towers provided by the L2 main shell
2. Sort the list in descending E_T
3. Loop over list until tower below seed threshold is found

   a. Find the highest group of 2x2 clusters adjacent to seed tower
   b. Form a cluster
   c. Save to list of clusters
   d. Mark all towers in 2x2 cluster as "used"

4. Repeat loop until all seed towers are exhausted
5. Loop over all clusters

   a. Find highest E_T cluster
   b. If ( cluster E_T > cluster threshold )

      i. Accept event
      ii. Store information in the L2Result array

          - mean eta-bin
          - mean phi-bin
          - tower ID for seed tower
          - a relative ID specifying which of the 4 possible tower
            clusters was chosen
          - ET of cluster
          - number of nonzero towers in cluster
          - an isolation E_T sum (placeholder for later, set = 0).