Single-Spin Asymmetries by BBC timebin

This is a study of 2005 data conducted in May 2006.  Ported to Drupal from MIT Athena in October 2007

Hi jetters. Mike asked me to plot the charged track / pion asymmetries in a little more detail. The structure is the same as before; each column is a trigger, and the four rows are pi+/Yellow, pi+/Blue, pi-/Yellow, pi-/Blue. I've split up the high pt pion sample (2< pT < 12 GeV) and plotted single-spin asymmetries for timebins 7,8, and 9 separately versus pT and phi.  The plots and summaries are linked at the bottom of the page.

2 sigma effects are highlighted in yellow, 3 sigma in red. There are no 3 sigma asymmetries in the separate samples, although pi-/B/JP1 is 3 sigma above zero in the combined sample. Here's a table of all effects over 2 sigma:

B +2.07
9 - JP1 B +2.45
7-9 - JP1 B +3.15

If you compare these results with the ones I had posted back in March (First Look at Single-spin Asymmetries), you'll notice the asymmetries have moved around a bit for the combined sample. The dominant effect there was the restriction to the new version of Jim's golden run list. The list I had been using before had at least two runs with spotty timebin info for board 5; see e.g.,

and ensuing discussion. I'm in the process of plotting asymmetries for charged track below 2 GeV in 200 MeV pT bins and will post those results here when I have them.