Embedding Documentation



The purpose of embedding is to provide physicists with a known; Monte Carlo tracks, where the kinematics and particle type is known exactly, are introduced into the realistic environment seen in the analysis - a real data event. How reconstruction preforms on these "standard candle" tracks provides a baseline which can be used to correct for acceptance and effciency effects in various analyses.

In STAR, embedding is achieved with a set of software tools - Monte Carlo simulation software, as well as the tools for real data event reconstruction - accessed through a suite of scripts. These documents attempt to provide an introduction to the scripts and their use, but the STAR collaborator is referred to the separate web pages maintained for Simulations and Reconstruction for deeper questions of the processes involved in those respective tasks.

Please note, the general procedure for embedding is:
  • The Physics Working Group Convenor submits an embedding request. The request will be assigned a request number and priority by the Analysis Coordinator, see this page for more information.
  • The Embedding Coordinator will coordinate the distribution of embedding requests. Users who wish to run their own embedding are encouraged to do so - but it must be verified with the Embedding Coordinator.
  • The Embedding Coordinator is responsible for the QA of all embedding requests. When the Embedding Coordinator has verified that the test sample produced is acceptable, full production is authorized.