bfcMixer.C Reshape

b>Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2007
Time: 12:21:45
Topic: Embedding Reshape

18 April 2007 12:21:56

Talked to Yuri on Monday (16th)

He would like 3 things worked on.

1. Integration of MC generation part into bfcMixer.C

Basically all kumac commands can be done in macro using gstar.

These would become part of "chain one"

Also need to read in a tag or MuDst file to find vertex to use for generating particles.

Can probably see how this works from bfc.C itself as bfc.C(1) creates particles and runs them through reconstruction.

- actually I could not it is inside bfc.C or StBFChain because it is part of St_geant_Maker

2. Change Hit Mover so that it does not move hits derived from MC info (based on ID truth %age)

3. [I forgot what 3 was!]

Rough sketch of chain modifications for #1

Current bfcMixer


(StBFChain)daqChain<--daq file

(StBFChain simChain<--fz file

                                <---.dat file with vertex positions        



New bfcMixer



StBFChain)daqChain<--daq file



                Geant-?-SetGeantMaker<--tags file




Break down into sub-tasks.

a) Run bfcMixer.C on a daq file with an associated fz and data file (to check that it works!)

b) Ignore fz file and generate MC particle (any!) on the fly

c) reading from tags file generate MC particles at desired vertex & with desired mult.

d) tidy up specify parameter interface (p distn, geant ID etc.)