How to run the transfers

The first step is to figure out what files you want to transfer and make some file lists for SRM transfers:

At PDSF make subdirectories ~/xfer ~/hrm_g1 ~/hrm_g1/lists

Copy from ~hjort/xfer the files, and Catalog.xml into your xfer directory.
You will need to contact to get Catalog.xml because it has administrative privileges in it.

Substitute your username for each "hjort" in

Then in your xfer directory run the script (in redhat8):

pdsfgrid1 88%
Usage: [production] [trgsetupname] [magscale]
e.g., P04ij ppMinBias FullField
pdsfgrid1 89%

Note that trgsetupname and magscale are optional. This script may take a while depending on what you specify. If all goes well you'll get some files created in your hrm_g1/lists directory. A brief description of the files the script created:

*.cmd: Commands to transfer files from RCF disks
*.srmcmd: Commands to transfer files from RCF HPSS

in lists:

*.txt: File list for transfers from RCF disks
*.rndm: Same as *.txt but randomized in order
*.srm: File list for transfer from RCF HPSS

Next you need to get your cert installed in the grid-mapfiles at PDSF and at RCF. At PDSF you do it in NIM. Pull up your personal info and find the "Grid Certificates" tab. Look at mine to see the form of what you need to enter there. For RCF go here:

Also, you'll need to copy a file of mine into your directory:

cp ~hjort/hrm_g1/pdsfgrid1.rc ~/hrm_g1/pdsfgrid1.rc

That's the configuration file for the HRM running on pdsfgrid1. When you've got that done you can try to move some files by executing one of the srm-copy.linux commands found in the .cmd or .srmcmd file.