Monitoring transfers

You can tell if transfers are working from the messages in your terminal window.

You can monitor the transfer rate on the pdsfgrid1 ganglia page on the “bytes_in” plot. However, it’s also good to verify that rrs is entering the files into the file catalog as they are sunk into HPSS. This can be done with

pdsfgrid1 172% -as Admin -keys 'filename' -limit 0 –cond 'production=P06ic' | wc -l
pdsfgrid1 173%

A more specific set of conditions will of course result in a faster query. Note that the “-as Admin” part is required if you run this in the hrm_g1 subdirectory due to the Catalog.xml file. If you don't use it you will query the PDSF mirror of the BNL file catalog instead of the PDSF file catalog.