This area is intended to provide information for STAR members to assist in configuring and using typical desktop/laptop PCs at BNL.

  Windows 2000/XP and Scientific Linux/Redhat Enterprise Linux are the preferred Operating Systems within STAR at BNL for desktop computing, though there is no formal requirement to use any particular OS.

  These pages are intended to be dynamic, subject to the constantly changing software world and user input.   Feedback from users -- what you find indispensable; what is misleading, confusing or flat-out wrong; and what is missing that you wish was here -- can help to significantly increase the value of these pages.

  Additional pages that are under consideration for creation:

  • Windows installation checklist (the basic software and configuration that should probably be on every Windows PC)
  • Linux installation checklist
  • Common Linux details and useful links, such as Linux equivalents to software for Windows.
  • Resources specific to the experiment operations (eg. common DAQ NFS mounts)
  • Publically useable terminals