Accessing The STAR Protected Network

Creating An Account

To get access to the STAR SSH gateways (which will also allow access to the generic Online Linux Pool) please follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain an RCF Account, and upload your public key to the RCF
  2. Go to The SKM page and login with your RCF account (Your AFS/Kerberos credentials)
  3. Upload your PUBLIC key in openssh format on the main page after logging in.  Your public key should have a name like "")
  4. Send an e-mail to STAR Support containing your full name, RCF username, BNL Life Number and a brief description of your intended use of the online resources and/or particular subsytem(s) to be supported
  5. Once you are notified that your account has been created, please follow the steps below to login.
  6. As a user of online resources, it is suggested that you subscribe to the Run Time System mailing list and Mattermost channel for announcements about maintenance periods and configuration changes. 

The online gatekeepers are named

ssh -AX

Logging In Via SSH

Linux Users:

  1. You can either script this, or perform these steps manually.
  2. You can now ssh into any of the star protected nodes from here. Just remember to use "ssh -AX" each time in order to forward X11 and the ssh agent. (Please keep in mind that the star gateways are not currently available directly from outside BNL.  You will need to go through the RCF first.)