Reconstruction Leader

Responsibilities Description: Reconstruction Leader


The STAR Reconstruction Leader is responsible for maintaining, developing and expanding the STAR reconstruction code and framework. By reconstruction, one includes

  • all detector / sub-system space point and/or physics quantity reconstruction
  • Any related data structure handling from the loading of the raw data to the final physics usable DST (or derivate)
  • Global tracking
  • dE/dx and particle identification
  • global event summary and hand-shaking with calibration constants and procedure
  • code applying and/or performing corrections
  • ...

The domain of development of Detector specific microscopic (slow) and parametrized (fast) response simulator will be done through discussions and advanced planning at Software & Computing meetings in conjunction with the Simulation and Database Leaders, affected sub-system detector coordinators and experts. The same applies with the cross-discipline (Reconstruction/Simulation) area known in STAR as embedding.

The reconstruction leader is expected to

  • Take the lead on the study and evaluation of new tracking techniques and framework enhancement as needed by the STAR Physics program and future development
  • Be aware of methodologies used in other High Energy or Nuclear Physics experiments and have deep understanding of their applicability and limitations
  • Conceive new ideas and attempt to convince colleagues and scientific community of their validity, significance and importance and if need be, document and publish ideas
  • Bring to attention innovative solutions and make recommendations to problems
  • Elaborate and present schedule for deployment of solutions whenever accepted/approved
  • Deploy, implement or integrate cost and time effective options/solutions in consideration of the research needs and schedules
  • Complete responsibilities on time and according to the STAR program planning
  • At every step, provide and maintain up to date documentation and offer support to users and developers of the STAR reconstruction softwares
  • Obtain user feedback, diagnose problems and make software and documentation modifications as necessary.

The Reconstruction Leader's tremendous task will therefore be assisted by an expert per detector sub-system as designated by the detector Software sub-system coordinator. He/she will provide to this expert guidance as per integrating the sub-system specific code within the STAR reconstruction framework and global tracking. Further manpower may come through reconstruction projects (a new tracking software is an example) which, upon completion, would fall under the Reconstruction Leadership.

The Reconstruction Leader will be further assisted by the STAR Calibration Coordinator and the Production Coordinators. He/she should respond and assists to the Calibration Coordinator's findings and requests for integration of new algorithms or techniques specific to the Calibration coordinator's area of expertise. In such case, they will work closely together until task completion within the scope and planning defined above. The Reconstruction coordinator may request directly to the Productions Coordinator(s) highly prioritized production in order to resolve or evaluate a question pertinent to the reconstruction area.

However, to ensure a smooth execution of global planning and complete transparency between the area of reconstructions, simulations and calibration, schedule and priorities should be brought to the attention of the STAR S&C leader and further discussed in Software & Computing meetings prior to execution or deployment.

In the absence of the STAR S&C leader and deputies, shall the schedule and tasks priorities be left unclear, the Reconstruction Leader judgment on production schedule will take precedence over all others.

Reconstruction deputy

One or more reconstruction deputy/deputies may be assigned by the S&C Leader to assist further the task of the reconstruction leader.

A reconstruction deputy's task is to effectively take the lead on a specific project as defined. Within the scope of this project, the reconstruction deputy has the same authorities and responsibilities than the Reconstruction Leader. They are expected to work close to one another until the completion of the defined task. In the absence of the Reconstruction Leader, such deputy will take full responsibility over the Reconstruction Software and in all areas including his assigned project. Shall several deputies be in office, the choice will be left to the Reconstruction Leader (or following the chain of the S&C organization).

Furthermore, “a” reconstruction deputy may represent the reconstruction activities and progress at Collaboration and/or Analysis meetings and therefore, should remain informed of activities within this area of expertise.

Written by Jerome Lauret, S&C Leader 2003