Summary of Fast Offline QA Shift Duties - Run 13

  • Using the Automated QA browser review in detail the set of histograms for the Offline QA Shifts for Fast Offline Data Production (highest priority); the minimum requirement is 1-2 file sequences or 'jobs' per Experiment Run ID number and trigger collection, e.g. st_physics, st_mtd, st_upsilon, minbias, high tower, etc.
  • Note that for p-p the "Auto-combined" or the "combine several jobs" option is recommended in order to get enough statistics. The new presentation format for the QA histograms, introduced in Run 12, will continue to be used in Run 13.
  • Complete a useful and informative Offline QA Shift report using a web-based form noting especially any and all suspected problems with the detectors, calibrations, and reconstruction. The report will be archived and the summary sent to 'starqa-hn' hypernews automatically. Please use the "play" mode if you are a first-time user to practice filling out the report.
  • Review the Online Run Log information and comments for each real data production job you examine and summarize the Run/Data Quality status based on the Run Log information and the QA examination results by marking the job as "Good" or "Bad." This will also indicate that the data have been examined by Offline QA. Jobs will normally be considered "Good" even when there are hardware outages or calibration/reconstruction issues. Please check with the QA experts before marking jobs as "Bad."
  • Notify the appropriate experts and/or the QA contacts for any and all suspected problems with the detectors, calibrations, or fast-offline reconstruction.
  • Check the Online-to-Offline data base migration using the "Database Migration Monitor" link on the first page of the QA browser after you login. When data are being taken the first several tables should appear in green font. If no data have been acquired for a day or so then all the tables should be in red. If there are any red fonts in the first several tables labelled "RunLog_onl" while data are being taken then this may indicate a problem and you should notify starqa-hn explicitly.