Action Items


Immediate action items:

  •  Y2008 tag
    • find out about the status of the FTPC (can't locate the relevant e-mail now)
    • find out about the status of PMD in 2008 (open/closed)
    • ask Akio about possible updates of the FMS code, get the final version
    • based on Dave's records, add a small amount of material to the beampipe
    • review the tech drawings from Bill and Will and others and start coding the support structure
    • extract information from TOF people about the likely configuration
    • when ready, produce the material profile plots for Y2008 in slices in Z
  • TUP tags
    • work with Jim Thomas, Gerrit and primarily Spiros on the definition of geometry for the next TUP wave
    • coordinate with Spiros, Jim and Yuri a possible repass of the trecent TUP MC data without the IST
  • Older tags
    • check the more recent correction to the SVT code (carbon instead of Be used in the water channels)
    • provide code for the correction for 3 layers of mylar on the beampipe as referred to above in Y2008
    • check with Dave about the dimensions of the water channels (likely incorrect in GEANT)
    • determine which years we will choose to retrofit with improved SVT (ask STAR members)
  • MTD
    • Establish a new UPGRXX tag for the MTD simulation
    • supervise and help Lijuan in extending the filed map
    • provide facility for reading a separate map in starsim and root4star (with Yuri)
  • Misc
    • collect feedback on possible simulation plans for the fall'07
    • revisit the codes for event pre-selection ("hooks")
    • revisit the event mixing scripts
  • Development
    • create a schema to store MC run catalog data with a view to automate job definition (Michael has promised help)