Migration and notes from V01.275 to V01.280


This document is intended for FileCatalog managers only who have previously deployed an earlier version of API and older database table layout. It is NOT intended for users.

Reasoning for this upgrade and core of the upgrade

This upgrade is a minor one, making support for two more detector sub-systems. The new API supports this modification. You need to alter the table DetectorConfigurations and add two columns. API are always forward compatible in that regard so it is completely safe to alter the table and deploy the API later.

ALTER TABLE `DetectorConfigurations` ADD dBSMD TINYINT;
ALTER TABLE `DetectorConfigurations` ADD dESMD TINYINT;
UPDATE `DetectorConfigurations` SET dBSMD=0;
UPDATE `DetectorConfigurations` SET dESMD=0;

And deploy the API V01.280 or later. You are done.