Software Peer review


General Information

Before adding a new code to the CVS repository, any Maker and or code needs to be peer reviewed. Please, consult the STAR coding and naming standards pages before even starting to design a new maker or code. This document will help you shape, through basic guidelines, your code structure and layout.

Code peer review is a process by which members of the collaboration, code developers themselves, are asked to review your code as per its fitness to be included in the standard STAR framework. We hope this process will bring to developers of maker useful inputs as per the reuse of existing classes, the integration of the code within a chain, its interaction with our IO model etc ...

The task of the reviewers

The basic peer review should address the following issues :

  1. General coding style and standard Naming convention
    • Naming convention must be followed
    • Classes must have destructor / constructor
    • Access to data members must be through access methods
    • Global variables usage (should be avoided, suggestions if used)
    • Constants, variables, method should have self-explanatory names
    • ...
    There are more guidelines in the STAR coding and naming standards document the reviewers should consider. Reviewers should send their recommendations and specific advices if standards are broken.
  2. The code layout i.e. The directory structure (is the documentation in the proper doc/ directory, the macros in the macros/ directory etc ...)
  3. The presence of documentation and if it was sufficient to understand what the intent of code was. Complete lack of documentation should be considered as a show stopper for the review.
  4. Code general suggestions and comments :
    • issues related to re-use of existing base classes
    • merging with existing or similar sub-systems developed classes etc ...).
    • Hardwired constants and suggestions (for example, a database approach for calibration constants, if applicable, is a good suggestion).
    • In case of simulation makers, the reviewers should pay particular attention to the GEANT geometry and how it relates to the reconstruction code and, for a sub-system in development mode, the geometry flexibility.
  5. Is the algorithm sound, any missing parts / improvements suggestions, approaches the developer should try or consider in future.
  6. General comments on readiness of the code to be inserted.
  7. The almost last and one of the mandatory requirements is for the code to compile (hum ... it should be never knows ...) and this, on at least the preferred platform (a code will NOT be added if it fails this basic requirement) but preferably the two supported platforms.
  8. Finally, can you run the code (always good to compile but if it crashes, it is not ready)? Does it seem to provide meaningful results within the provided example and/or instructions?

There are at least two peer reviewers per new code. The peer reviewers should agree that the code is important, should be included in the set of makers, is ready for deployment and, if there are more work to be done, should clearly state what is required in their views for the code to be functional. Suggestions for future improvements must be clearly stated and a road map for implementation offered to the developer . The reviewers should also explicitly sign-off on the code.

As a last note, a peer review is advisory to the STAR Software & Computing leader. In case of disagreement, a summary and ruling will be sent to the person reviewed (and reviewers) indicating the changes to be made. After a peer review is closed, a notice will be sent to starsoft so all (core team as well as other coordinators) are informed of the new incoming code.

Preparing your code for a peer review

You should first make sure that your code will pass the above criteria. Your code must be available to the reviewers from a public space. Please, check protection (g+r in NFS space) or acl (star rl in AFS).

When you feel ready to have your code reviewed, send an Email to STAR Software & Computing leader requiring a review process to take place along with a quick description of your maker / code and the status of your code (still in development mode, final version, why you would like to have it included to the official repository, etc ...). Avoid development code at all cost unless clear justifications.

For a meaningful review, please provide instructions (macro or chain) on how to run your code with all arguments specified (least work for the reviewers, should work as instructed). Possibly, how to verify the results are correct in case your code deals with Physics-ready structures is an asset. At minimum, we require the code compiles & run and that reviewers understand its purpose and documentation is adequate.

Members of the collaboration will be asked to take on this task within a day or two. Comments, answers and action items must be sent and communicated via Emails to all members of the peer review committee (they will appear in the initial Email starting the review process). After all reviewers have sent their contributions, you will be informed of the the critical items to be taken care off and an expected / suggested time frame for the insertion of the new code in our library.

Past peer reviews

Makers Developer / Contact Reviewers Date/Status
Subhasis Chattopadyay Alexandre P. Suaide
Akio Ogawa
August 2002
StJetFinder Mike Miller David Hardtke
Victor Perevoztchikov
Gene Van Buren
August 2002
StPythiaEvent requested but not
created / delayed.
StBbcSimulationMaker Mikhail Kopytine Janet Seyboth
Subhasis Chattopadyay
September 2002
Several suggestions made as per the database interface.
StMinuitVertexMaker David Hardtke Lee Barnby
Zhangbhu Xu
Closed (not summarized)
Yuri Fisyak Jeff Porter
Fabrice Retiere
Closed with action items + testing needed
StSecondaryVertexMaker Julien Faivre Spyridon Margetis
Gene Van Buren
Closed (not summarized)
Addition to StAssociationMaker
Alex P. Suaide
Marcia Maria de Moura
Patricia Fachini
Maxim Potekhin
January 21st 2003
Jan Balewski Alex P. Suaide
Herb Ward
January 27th 2003
Hardwired values should be removed and replaced by a database approach.
StHitFilterMaker James Dunlop Jerome Lauret February 6th 2003
Argument passing to constructor should be changed (the hack violates code standards)
Work on extraneous filters plug-and-play
StFtpcMixerMaker Frank Simon Frank Geurts
Jerome Lauret
February 14th 2003
Issues were all addressed (global variables, documentation etc ...)
StTriggerDataMaker Akio Ogawa
Mirko Planinic
Jerome Lauret
Thomas Ullrich
June 2003
Initially added in the library, review missed a lack of destructor in reading mode (relying on the StEvent model too much). Was fixed by Victor in June and stabilized.
Frank Geurts Thorsten Kolleger
Boris Hippolyte
August 7th 2003
StTofpNtupleMaker recognized to be an analysis maker moved to StTofPool.
Opened issue : some variables need to be moved in a database.

Christelle Roy Frank Laue
Yuri Fisyak
March 12th 2004
Closed (one reviewer not responding). Some code will need re-evaluation later. StSsdPointMaker mostly addressed and ready. One concern about dimension used in multiple codes (not defined as const or other method)
Subhasis Chattopadyay Frank Simon
Piotr Zolnierczuk
Closed (not summarized)
StKinkMaker Camelia Mironov Jason C Web
Claude Pruneau
March 2nd 2004
Code lacks internal documentation (doxygen).
There is an issue with the Bfield calculation (recalculated for every event).
Code to be merged in StSecondaryVertexMaker library.
StTofrMatchMaker Xin Dong Thomas Ullrich
Thomas Dietel
March 8th 2004
Rather large histograms enabled by default (no external control)
Many assert() commented to remove.
Documentation needed.
StStarLogger Valeri Fine Dmitry Arkhipkin
Gene Van Buren
May 14th 2004
Done Nov 2004 with agreement that non-implemented methods (and unused) will be cleaned + doc needed, The configuration file would need to be relocated as well.
StTofCalibMaker Xin Dong Marcelo Munhoz
Javier Castillo
June 8th 2004
All requested changes applied.
StEventCompendiumMaker Manuel Calderon Jerome Lauret
Yuri Fisyak
June 9th 2004
No action items for this maker. The code was found to be concise and clear.
StSvtEmbeddingMaker Petr Chaloupka Mike Miller
Camelia Mironov
June 16th 2004
Chain options to be added
StHeavyTagMaker Manuel Calderon Jerome Lauret July 28th 2004
Fast-lane reviewed
StSsdDaqMaker Christelle Roy Jeff Landgraf
Marcelo Munhoz

Jerome Lauret
October 2004 – Closed March 2005.
Remaining hardwired values to consolidate, message severity all “high” to revisit.
StSpinDbMaker Jan Balewski Marcia Maria de Moura
Michal Daugherty
September 2005 – Requester abandoned the review although well on the way. Code not added to CVS.
Rich Scalers Eric Hjort Gene Van Buren
Jerome Lauret
December 2006
Internal review

StTpcTracker Pibero Kisa Djawotho
(Jan Balewski)
Jerome Lauret November 2005 – Beam background track scavenger. Discussed in a separate meeting and S&C meeting on the 17th. Decision was to provide hooks in ITTF for this.
StFtpcCalibMaker Janet Seyboth Renee Fatemi
Jason Webb
January 2006 – Closed in April with the following minor remaining issues:
Use of CassDef() not necessary for this class
Over-use of comparison to 0 in if statement could be written as if (a) and if(!a).
StIstHit Mike Miller Yuri Fisyak
Jerome Lauret
January 2006
Internal review. Only one comment about the use of messenger. Class at the end supported both HFT and IST.
StIstSim Willie Leight Maxim Potekhin
Adam Kocoloski

Valeri Fine
February 2006 – Forgot and re-visited May 2006
Some contentions and divergence of opinion on this. Would require a resolve and summary. This did not procceed forward.

StTpcBeamBackMaker Pibero Kisa Victor Perevoztchikov
Yuri Fisyak
Fast lane on Agust 8th 2006
Closed August 16th
StEmcMixerMaker Jan Balewski
Adam Kocoloski
Victor Perevoztchikov
Jonathan Bouchet
Opened March 12th 2007
Done April 13th but closed July 12th.
StSsdFastSimMaker Jonathan Bouchet Helen Caines
Anthony Timmins
Requested June 27th 2007
Done August 8th 2007 – no remaining issues.
StTriggerUtilities Akio Ogawa
Renee Fatemi
Jerome Lauret Requested June 27th 2007 - done August 23rd. This suite of utilities was declared useful and moved under Renee Fatemi's responsibilities. It will be a "user" utility and hence, compilation and maintenance will follow this category. This did not need a formal peer review (not used in production).
StLaserAnalysisMaker Yuri Fisyak Gene V. Buren
Richard Witt
Requested Dec 3rd 2007 (used prior but not pushed to review). Closed on December 20th 2007.
StTofHitMaker Xin Dong Yuri Fisyak
Renee Fatemi
Requested February 26th 2008. Was previously named StTofEventMaker. Closed on March 11th 2008.
StTpcHitMaker Yuri Fisyak Akio Ogawa
Jerome Lauret
Requested March 13th 2008. This review was closed on May 27th 2008. Reviewer asked for explaination of what this is for (so not all clear) and this is the equivalent for TPX of St_tpcdaq_Maker and FCFMaker.
The documentation is missing.
Xin Dong Matt. Walker
Valeri Fine
Renee Fatemi
Requested January 15th 2009.
Closed on January 31st 2009 after a two pass comment / correction only.
The remaining action items includes documentation (doxygen minimal documentation + follow-up longer documentation being worked on by a student as an action item of the TOF software review) and a reshape of the RTS includes (not within the purview of the TOF sub-system).
StMCFilter Victor Perevoztchikov Michael Betancourt
Frank Geurts
Initiated April 10th 2009, started 13th.
Review was closed on June 18th with documentation action item.
Frank Geurts Pibero Djawotho
Rashmi Raniwala

(re)initiated April15th 2009 [was previously requested by Xin Dong in February]. Started April 20th.

StBTofMatchMaker done on June 22nd.
StBTofCalibMaker done on September 22nd.
St_pp2pp_Maker Kin Yip Valeri Fine
Thomas Ullrich
Jerome Lauret
Started on October 7th 2009, closed December 12th 2009.
StTpcRSMaker Yuri Fisyak for the TPC sub-system Pibero Djawotho
Jan Balewski
Initiated October 14th 2009. Closed November 5th 2009.
Action items includes study of the code performance (now a factor of 12 to 13 slower than TRS) and cleaning for hard-coded constants.
StFmsDbMaker Akio Ogawa Matthew Walker
Dmitry Arkhipkin
Initiated October 14th 2009. Closed October 27th 2009.
Action item include revisiting the documentation especially the doxygen self-documenting information.
StVpdCalibMaker Frank Geurts Gene V. Buren
Oleksandr Grebenyuk
Requested October 27th, started 28th.
Closed November 9th 2009.
StBTofSimMaker Frank Geurts
(Dylan Thein)
Akio Ogawa
Gerrit V. Nieuwenhuizen

Requested October 27th, started 28th. Closed December 9th 2009.
Action items (doc, enum versus define and cretaion of StEvent StMcEvent)

StEmbeddingQAMaker Hiroshi Masui for the embedding team Andrew Rose
Anthony Timmins

Requested September 15th, delayed start until November 3rd (priority scheduling). Closed December 23rd 2009.
Renamed StEmbeddingUtilities.
StFmsHitMaker Akio Ogawa
(Jingguo Ma)
Jerome Lauret
Thomas Ullrich
Rushed review on December 23rd 2009, closed February 2nd 2010.
doxygen documentation to attend.
StFilterMaker Michael Betancourt
Alice Bridgeman
Victor Perevoztchikov
Pibero Djawotho
Started on March 4th 2010, closed March 22nd 2010.
Renee Fatemi
Pibero Djawotho
Dmitry Arkhipkin
Jan Balewski
Review started 2010/06/29 - main purpose: the code initially advertized as not for production is now included in spin PWG simulation request workflow via StTriggerSimuMaker.
POC: Renee fatemi
[This code moved forward but did exhibit issues such as direct access to DB that need to be periodically assessed]


Oleksandr Grebenyuk
Justin Stevens

Jason Webb
Andrew Gordon
Started on June 29th 2010, closed August 2nd 2010.
StHltMaker Liang Xue for the HLT Mike Betancourt
Thomas Ullrich
Anthony Timmins
Discussion initiated 2010/10/29 but code goals were more than unclear (track addition expanded storage).
Re-started officially 2011/01/10 after documentation was provided StHltEventis part of StEvent.
Closed 2011/01/28.
StMtdHitMaker Frank Geurts Joseph Seele
Justin Stevens

Review requested 2011/02/23. Reviewer could not attend before after the STAR analysis meeting. Started on 2011/03/28, closed 2011/04/21.

Anselm Vossen Justin Stevens
Thomas Burton
Asked 2012/01/08 (but was on V-days). Picked back on the 25th. Review started on the 27th.
Closed on 2012/03/23 but found that the StEvent structures were not passed to Thomas as initially recommended - all StEvent related reviews were done then and completed on 04/16. On 04/27, reviewers agreed with final changes.
Constants to check again
StFgtSimulator Anselm Vossen
(Jan Balewski)
Jason Webb
Jonathan Bouchet
Asked 2012/04/01, reviewers ready the same day but instructions not ready. Started 2012/05/09.
Review closed on 2012/06/06. No remaining actions items.
P&P event generator framework - code TBC Jason Webb for the S&C simulation R&D effort Ming Shao
Yuri Fisyak
Thomas Burton
Started July 12th 2012, closed 2012/11/02 for the reviewer's purposes but integration issues settled 2012/11/28 after agreement (pending OK, this is done). 
Documentation may need a revisit.
StMtdMatchMaker Frank Geurts Jason Webb
Alice Ohlson
Requested 2012/09/24, reviewers search began later (2012/11/20), stated 2012/12/03, review done 03/07 and officially closed 03/21. No action item pending.
StFgtPointMaker Anselm Vossen Jason Webb
Mustafa Mustafa
Requested  2013/01/16 - reviewers set on the 28th. Review done on 2013/03/04 and closed 03/13.
Minor fix needed (constructor issue, new of a unused class + histogram booking issue)
StPxlSimMaker Spyridon Margetis
(Mustafa Mustafa)
Anselm Vossen
Dmitry Arkhipkin
Helen Caines
Requested 2013/03/26 - reviewers set and review started 2013/04/02. Review closed 2013/05/03 and code put in place - last verification / confirmation asked (final feedback on 05/21).

StMtdSimMaker Frank Geurts Mustafa Mustafa
Jason Webb
Requested 2013/08/22 but no "howto" provided. Reminded on 2013/10/01. Reviewers ready in 2013/10/09 but ... (??)
Status: Pending the "how to test"
Pxl review asked - but too many makers at once Spyridon Margetis
(Hao Qiu)
  Initial request CC was not seen (CC to list auto-sorted). Seen 2013/10/07
7 makers at once is not manageable (14+ reviewers to find). Suggested a split - we have a go on 2013/11/04 and the 5 entries below the FmsSimulationMaker represents this.
StFmsSimulationMaker Thomas Burton
(Mriganka Mouli Mondal)
Jason Webb
Kevin Adkins
Requested 2013/10/10. Was reminded on 2013/10/30 and started 2013/11/05. This review stopped in 2013/11 and had to be restarted due to availability in 2014/02/24. Review confirmed closed on 2014/04/22 and integrated on 2014/05/06.
StPxlDbMaker, StPxlConstant Spyridon Margetis (Hao Qiu) Dmitry Arkhipkin
Akio Ogawa
PXL Part 1 - new opening 2013/11/04 - started 2013/11/07, closed 2014/01/13. Code deployed in "dev" on the 28th (cvs
merging was needed)
StPxlRawHit, StPxlRawHitCollection, StPxlRawHitMaker Jason Webb
Jeff Landgraf
PXL Part 2 - new opening 2013/11/04 - started 2013/11/07. This review was closed on 2014/01/10.
StPxlCluster, StPxlClusterCollection, StPxlClusterMaker Dmitry Arkhipkin
Dmitri Smirnov
PXL Part 3 - new opening 2013/11/04 - started 2014/01/10.
All comments addressed by 2014/03/18? Confirmed 2014/04/15.
Added to dev on 2014/05/06.
StPxlHitMaker Dmitri Smirnov
Victor Perevozchikov
PXL Part 4 - new opening 2013/11/04 - started 2014/01/10.
This review was closed on 2014/02/08.
Added to dev with previous code was actually done on 2014/05/06 (this was was definitly lagging behind)
Dmitri Smirnov
Gene V. Buren
PXL Part 5 - new opening 2013/11/04 - started 2014/01/29
Code submited for review was judged by the submitter as "below standard" - offered to move forward and provide internal help. Review aborted.
StIstDbMaker StIstUtil Spyridon Margetis (Yaping Wang) Dmitri Smirnov
Dmitry Arkhipkin
IST Part 1 - code submitted 2013/12/12 - intended opening 2014/01/16 (but no Email sent). Sent on the 29th. We had then two versions of the DbMaker. Review essentially done on 2014/03/25, closed and integrated 201404/10
It was re-opened once more (as the interface changed for the 3rd time). New wave 2014/07/29.
Closed again on 2014/08/08.
StIstRawHitMaker StIstRawHit StIstClusterMaker StIstCluster Dmitri Smirnov
Victor Perevozchikov
IST Part 2 -  code submitted for review on 2013/12/12- chain based on a test SFS file (pending DAQ). DAQ file available on 2014/01/18.
Asked we resume this on 2014/01/29 (Dmitri only) but was second priority as the geometry took a turn for the "not better" ...
New try on 2014/08/19.
Suggested to close on 2014/09/23 (explicit sign-off given but more changes appeared, confusing the state of matter).
Code moved into dev on 2015/01/13.
StIstHitMaker StIstHit Dmitri Smirnov
Jerome Lauret
IST Part 3 - code submitted 2013/12/12 - assignement was made with one reviewer only and on the back-burner.
Reminded on 2014/10/06 by Xin, not concluded.
Inquiry from Yaping 2015/01/09 re-energized this. Second reviewer self-assigned. Review closed 2015/01/22.
StIstFastSimMaker Dmitri Smirnov
Jason Webb
IST Part 4 - code submitted 2013/12/12 - many pieces missing did not allow to evaluate/review this whenever submitted.
Review opened 2015/01/22 and closed 2015/02/25.
StIstQAMaker StIstCalibrationMaker Dmitri Smirnov
Gene V. Buren
IST Part 5 - code submitted 2013/12/12
Review did not proceed - code was not  considered essential.
StMtdQAMaker Rongrong Ma (Bingchu Huang) Hao Qiu
Mustafa Mustasfa
Proposed for review on 2014/03/12
Review opened on 2014/07/29. Reviewer sign-off on 09/03 (doxygen ready headers asked to be added). Proposed integration and closure date 09/15, code fix on 19th was too close to the Friday cutt-off.
Closed 2014/09/23.
StSstDAQMaker Spirydon Margetis (Long Zhou) Hongwei Ke
Jeff Landgraf
Proposed for review on 2014/04/04
Review opened on 2014/08/06 - we did not yet close the loop on this one but review should be done ...
Reviewers thanked and noted closed on 2015/06/10. Noted in public list 2015/08/18 only.
StMtdCalibMaker Rongrong Ma Gene V. Buren
Kevin Adkins
Proposed for review on 2014/06/20
Review opened 2014/08/07 - closed 2014/09/25.
StFmsPointMaker Thomas Burton
(Yuxi Pan)
Rongrong Ma
Jonathan Bouchet
Proposed for review on 2014/08/04
Review opened on 2014/09/12. Reviewer sign-off on 2015/01/13, structure not in StEvent (requested before closing). Non-official closing on 2015/02/25 (requested to verify and make sure all compiles after StEvent data struct modifs).
Integration check revealed an issue - C++11 construct used does not allow compiling under SL5.3. gcc 4.3.2 (informed 2015/03/09).
Added to dev on 2015/08/28 after both 5.3 and 6.4 gcc 4.8.2 forward compatible compilers were made available (and showed to work).
Closed 2015/08/18.
 StFpsRawHitMaker  Yuxi Pan
(Akio Ogawa)
Mustafa Mustafa
Dmitri Smirnov
Proposed for review o 2015/01/15 (confirmed by Yuxi on 01/20). Reviewers assigned 2015/02/25. Opened 2015/03/09
Closed 2015/03/20 and code in dev on 2015/03/23.
 StMtdEvtFilterMaker  Rongrong Ma Jerome Lauret
Gene V. Buren
Proposed 2015/02/26, reviewers assigned 2015/03/09 - assignement changed 2015/03/11 (V-days) and review started.
Closed 2015/04/06.
 StDataFilterMaker Gene V. Buren for the MTD team Jerome Lauret
Victor Perevozchikov
Proposed 2015/04/24, opened 2015/04/27, closed 2015/05/01
code below are reviewed using the 2015 / C++STAR  coding standard
 StIstRawMaker Spirydon Margetis
(Bingchu Huang)
Dmitri Smirnov
Victor Perevozchikov
Discussed 2015/11/19, general code change looked into by D.Smirnov before deciding if a review is appropriate.
Re-factoring of the approach - decision is to do an internal review  (2015/12/04)
Review opened 2015/12/07, done 2015/12/31 and code deployed in CVS. Closed review officially on 2016/02/17.
StIstSlowSimulator Spirydon Margetis
(Bingchu Huang)
Jason Webb
Kolja Kauder
See comment above. This code needs to be reviewed as novel (though snapped into the same Sim directory). Decision 2015/12/04.
Review opened 2015/12/07, done 2016/01/05 and officially closed on 2016/02/17.
StFmsFpsMaker Olge Eysser
(Akio Ogawa)
Rongrong Ma
Daniel Brandenburg
Requested 2016/01/26 (no special priority). Resumed search after Akio was available.  Reviewers aligned 2016/02/25 but opened 2016/03/11 after Daniel back from WWND. Review sign-off 2016/06/09 but Akio not available. Reminded 2016/11/16.
Integrated 2016/11/22 and closed 2016/11/30.
Mustafa Mustafa
Kolja Kauder
Dmitri Smirnov
Requested 2016/08/11 - Opened 08/22.
Closed / not announced (will do after adjustments pending).
Mike Lisa, Prashanth Shanmuganathan (sub-system / PWG combined request) Dmitri Smirnov, Dmitry Arkhipkin EPD/BBC integration. Review opened 2017/07/26.
Overall believed to be fine but pending EpdDbMaker (review closed 09/14, reminded reviewers of the pico part to resume review conclusion). 09/19, ping again for the Db connection.
Peifeng Liu (PWG)
Shengli Huang
Dmitri Smirnov, ... (pending testing from Peifeng / second reviewer not yet assigned) - Shengli reviewed the changes on 08/08, modifs should be all ready. Considered closed.
Daniel Nemes (PWG) Jason Webb,
Jerome Lauret
Dmitri Smirnov
Opened 2017/07/26. Code and comments seem implemented 2017/08/30, reminded reviewers on 09/13. Some code modifs suggested but clearly, this is not yet complete (09/19 + Grigory added).
Daniel Brandenburg
(Nickolas Luttrell)
Jason Webb
Jinlong Zhang
Requested 2016/11/02 - Opened 11/16 - some delays around hollidays, relaunched 01/18 and 02/23, reviewers sign-off on 02/23. Integration issue fixed on 2017/03/02 + Closed.
StEmcADCtoEMaker Jinlong Zhang Akio Ogawa
Victor Perevozchikov
This code has not been updated for a while. The coordinator is asking for a review to help bring it to spec.
Requested 2017/04/24, opened 2017/05/11.
Closed 2017/06/02.
StEpdDbMaker Prashanth Shanmuganathan Dmitry Arkhipkin
Jerome Lauret
Brought informally on 2017/08/25 but related to this comment. EpdDbMaker first pass review considered mostly done 2017/08/30 - sent OK to proceed 09/13 (code changes noted and handled by reviewers). Closed 09/14.
StPxlSimMaker Xin Dong
Jason Webb
Victor Perevozchikov
Brought forward 2017/09/05. Review opened 09/13 (integration issues resolved before using branch). Merging happened 2017/10/19 along with an AgML commit. This is considered closed now.
StEpdMaker Mike Lisa (Prashanth Shanmuganathan) Jason Webb
Hongwei Ke
Brought 2017/10/28 - code/repo in offline/users/lisa could be moved as-is after review. Not immediately critical but Mike requested focus time (when the review starts, focus) due to teaching schedule ...
Started 2017/12/19 - Closed 2018/02/21 (no issues found, some documentation suggestions attended)
StETofDigiMaker StETofUtil StETofQAMaker Florian Seck Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
Jerome Lauret
Brought forward 2018/05/12, not started until after QM.
Opened 2018/06/11, re-opened 2018/06/21 (re-assignment of peer reviewer).
Review closed 2018/07/18 but some 64 bits compilation issues ("no known conversion for argument") delayed final commmit done on 07/25.
KF Particle Finder Maksym Zyzak
(Ivan Kisel)
Daniel Brandenburg
Dmitri Smirnov
Review was discussed 2018/01/24 (after a discussion S&C had with Maksym and Iouri Vassiliev during a visit). Also discussed,
has little to do with what is under StRoot/.

2018/02/06, code from Maksym verified by Guannan (compilation and compatibility with "dev"). Discussion went toward cov matrix info in picoDST (planned new analysis format). picoDST format settled around mid 2018/08.

Review re-launched 2018/09/17 (missed it, away) and noted 2018/10/01. Reviewers contacted 10/01, accepted 10/04. Started 10/05. First wave of comment son 10/10, second on 10/24. No new version provided.
Discussed with Maksym 2018/12/11 (was busy with CBM, GSI closing during holidays, need more time). Informed reviewers 2018/12/12 of possible delays.
Reminder sent 2019/01/10. Resumed by Maksym 02/01 and we seemed to converge 02/19.
Licensing issue discussed 2019/02/21 (pending).
Licensing announced to be resolved 2020/02/11. Searching for integration candidates.

KFParticlePerformance StKFParticleAnalysisMaker

Maksym Zyzak
(Ivan Kisel)
  Brought up 2018/02 for the first time. Depend on previous review + Analysis Maker not complete.
KFParticlePerformance - code to collect histograms and run MC analysis; StKFParticleAnalysisMaker - maker and interface to the code [still need to add TMVA]
Minho Kim
(Akio Ogawa)
Dmitry Arkhipkin
Florian Seck
Review discussed or a while (new sub-system) but officially requested on 2018/12/03
Data model (StEvent) handled on 2018/12/11
Reviewer assembled during the analysis meeting 2018/12/13 and started.
Reviewers sent feedback (last on 2018/12/18). No responses. Reminder sent 2019/01/10.
Florian Seck Gene van Buren,
Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
Review requested 2018/11/20 - delayed due to holidays. Opened 2019/01/11.
Review ended 2019/02/15 with StEvent structure implemented and MuDST class asked to be added. Sign-off 2019/02/15 and closed 02/22.
Florian Seck Jason Webb,
Jerome Lauret
Xianglei Zhu
Review requested 2018/11/20. Focused on previous series (data needed). Opened 2019/04/24 (small adjustments made prior).
James Brandenburg Dmitri Smirnov,
Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
Review requested 2020/09/03, Opened 2020/09/08
Review closed 2020/11/23. Two external packages (GenFit, KiTrack) installed under /opt/star.
Akio Ogawa Dmitry Arkhipkin, Jason Webb Review requested 2021/02/10,
Review closed 2021/03/17.
Akio Ogawa Hongwei Ke, Oleg Eyser Review requested 2021/02/10,
Review closed 2021/03/17.
STAR code main repository moved from CVS to Git on 5/31/2021
Daniel Brandenburg  Hongwei Ke, Jeff Landgraf PR (#209, including StEvent containers) submitted on 2021/02/10,
merged into main on 2021/11/29.
Daniel Brandenburg
(Xu Sun)
Dmitry Arkhipkin, Hongwei Ke PR (#266) submitted on 2021/12/20, review closed on 2022/01/18, PR merged into main on 2022/01/25
StEvent containers (PR#265) reviewed by Thomas and Jason
Daniel Brandenburg
(Xu Sun)
Flemming Videbaek, Grigory Nigmatkulov PR (#266) submitted on 2021/12/20, review closed on 2022/01/18, PR merged into main on 2022/01/25
StEvent containers (PR#265) reviewed by Thomas and Jason
Daniel Brandenburg Dmitry Arkhipkin PR (#287) submitted on 2022/01/26. Originally used the local tables. New DB tables then requested and created. DbMaker updated accordingly. The review is closed and the PR is merged on 2022/03/21.
Daniel Brandenburg Akio Ogawa, Grigory Nigmatkulov PR (#287) submitted on 2022/01/26. approved on 01/31. merged on 2022/03/21.
Daniel Brandenburg
(Xu Sun)
Gene van Buren PR (#282) originally submitted on 2022/01/17 (combined with PR#266). closed on 2022/02/14, PR merged into main on 2022/02/15