Accessing the World Wide Web from inside BNL


BNL Wireless or internal network are proxied network. Proxy is used to

  • "hide" your client IP from the remote host
  • Provide load balancing and caching (hot donloads are cached on the proxy)
  • As a side effect, it also allows Cyber-security to perform activity monitoring of the traffic

Information explaining how to set a Web proxy for about all possible utilities and tools is available on The Information and Technology division (ITD) web server page Web Proxy configuration instructions. Instructions for other proxies (FTP, RealPlayer streaming,...) are also available.

Command line tools typically respect the value of http_proxy. The information for such manual proxy can be found as the IP provided here. As an example on how to set http_proxy,you will need to issue a command such as

setenv http_proxy # internal
setenv http_proxy # external

to have it all set. Note that on this page, by "outside BNL" one means outside the internal network (hence the Wireless).