Restricted Access

Restricted Access

Any path on the STAR Web sites (online or offline) having the word "restricted" would trigger a protection very much like the protected areas. An account and password will be asked.

Instructions and information

GPC mailing lists

 Mailing list:

Isobar features

I'll discuss here some features I found when reviewing some of the Isobar data.

SECTION 1: nHitsFit

Isobar run blocks

(Foreword: the below is an updated list I assembled after Phase I production had already begun that should be used for Phase II as well as any re-production of Phase I we provide.

ZDC SMD status in Isobar

The ZDC SMD appears to be dead / absent in several runs during Run 18 isobar operations. In order to obtain a list of such runs, I asked Jeff L.

Details on blinding the Isobars

Offline trigger IDs:

Isobar Vertices

An update on this post, which has now been solved:

EPD Event-plane resolution Ru+Ru versus Zr+Zr

I have run a simple analysis of the event plane resolution in Zr+Zr and Ru+Ru data taken from 3M MB events of each system, from the 2018 run.

test blog entry

test group entry

Nodes with CephFS mounted

This is a list of nodes that have the CephFS Client installed and CephFS mounted

STAR CFEngine policies


First stab at a CFEngine policy list and applicability.   The complexity is an initial guess at this point.