STAR HP results for LRP discussion


This page gathers inputs from the Hard Probes group to the Long Range Plan.

The aim is to discuss what we have learnt from heavy flavor and jet measurements since the last LRP, and what are plans for the next decade - what we are missing in order to complete the STAR mission.  

To help the discussion, we have started by selecting the key HP results since the last LRP: link to a meeting on Aug. 22nd.

Below you can list results that you think are the key ones and what message they provide. 

Please also include on this page any general comments/suggestions that you may have. 

If you have any specific measurement proposal, please mention the measurement and its physics below in the comment section. 

The Town Hall Meeting will be held on September 23-25, 2022.
Link to the previous Long Range Plan:
LRP 2015


General discussion


Please add here key results/plots from your analysis and mention what is the key physics message from these results/plots.

Topic Name (Jet/HF):  Jet

PAs' Name: 
Nihar Ranjan Sahoo (SDU), Derek Anderson (TAMU), Saskia Mioduszewski (TAMU), and Peter Jacobs (LBNL)

Physics plot's link: 
1) Recoil jet yield ratio between R=0.2/R=0.5; comparison between Au+Au and p+p for direct photon+jet and pi0+jet - link 
2) Semi-inclusive direct photon+jet and pi0+jet acoplanarity measurement in Au+Au - link 

Key Physics message:

1) Plot#1: Medium-induced jet broadening and disentangling the vacuum and in-medium gluon radiations by comparing p+p and Au+Au
2) Plot#2: First observation of medium-induced jet acoplanarity in heavy-ion collisions

STAR plans to take high statistics data for RUn23-25 for precision measurements with extended kinematic coverage.
RUn24 pp 200 GeV: important to study the vacuum radiation effect on jet acoplanarity measurements and  baseline for heavy-ion at RHIC energies both for direct photon+jet and pi0+jet

Topic Name (Jet/HF): 

PAs' Name:

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Key Physics message:


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