Weekly HP-PWG meeting


Topic: STAR Hard Probes PWG weekly meeting

Primary Meeting day and time: Thursday 10 AM EDT (BNL time)

Reserved day and time (in case of announcement): Tuesday 10 AM EDT (BNL time)
[ Reserved for invited theory and experimental seminar, or any additional discussion relating to our hp-pwg analysis]

Previous conveners:
Sooraj Radhakrishnan (Term ends on 3rd Jan 2023)

Current Conveners:  Barbara Trzeciak, Yi Yang, Nihar Sahoo


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Meeting ID: 161 141 9615
Passcode: 744968

Additional information:
It is advised to follow the guidance set by IUPAC while using symbols in scientific text:

Note: it should be written as $p$+$p$ and $p$+Au, etc, which is different from the guidance. 

2022 HP-pwg meetings: link


List of Proposed abstracts/presentation for HP2023 and DIS2023: Link

2nd Feb, 2023:

Priyanka Roy Chowdhury : D0-hadron femtoscopic correlation function analysis at Au+Au 200 GeV- link

Passcode: 6cr0d=p!
26th Jan, 2023:

Gabriel Dale-Gau: Baryon and Meson Ratios in Jet from Au+Au Collisions at 200GeV -

Brennan Schaefer: J/psi simulation chain option - link

Passcode: kE92E.t3

19 Jan, 2023:

Veronika Prozorova: NPE analysis in Au+Au at 54.4GeV - link
David Stewart: update on the p+Au semi-inclusive jet analysis - link
Priyanka Roy Chowdhury : D0-hadron femtoscopic correlation function analysis at Au+Au 200 GeV- link

Passcode: !tZ31v7X

12 Jan, 2023:

Wei Zhang: J/psi in Au+Au 11.5 - 27 GeV -  Link

Passcode: !uPo?3ev

5 Jan, 2023:

Youqi Song: Jet substructure measurement in pp 200 GeV - link
Priyanka Roy Chowdhury - femtoscopic correlation (on track merging issue) - link