01 raw spectra from EMC for L2W events, day 76


Analysis of BHT3*L2W triggered events for pp 500

 runs 10076136,152,153,154,161, only W-stream

Fig 1. Raw EMC spectra for BHT3 thr=30 & L2W >13 GeV, day 76

Fig 2. Z-vertex for good tracks

Fig 3. Frequency of towers with ET>5 GeV, 66 runs from days 76-81. All input BHT3 events are considered. Ideal gains are used. Note, Z-scale does not start form zero to visualize low-gain towers. Nominally there are 4 hot masked towers + 3 towers have bad pedestals. Y-axis is aligned with West TPC sectors, counting 0-11.

Fig 4.  Seed tower distribution for 2x2 cluster ET within range. Only events accepted by L2W (cluster ET>13 GeV) are considered. Ideal gains are used. The same 66 runs from days 76-81 as in fig 3.