STAR Protected

rho diffraction update

Speaker : Ramiro Debbe ( BNL )

Talk time : 10:50, Duration : 00:20

TOF OPS: How to check if a LV channel has become disabled

To check if a channel is disabled or not, you can use the caget command.

caget TOF:LV:StartEPos:DisableChannel



PPV- Pile-up Proof Vertex Finder

Run12 pp500 Inclusive Jet A_LL Status -- Testing Codes on Run9 Data

To make sure my code is working correctly, I tested my code on run9 data and compared my result with that from Pibero's analysis.


 Questions raised: 

  • What caused for the differences between blue(p12ic) , red (p13ib) and green(test)  points in the efficiency plots?

STAR magnet geometry update


EEMC SMD Calibration Update

The file attached is an update on the EEMC SMD calibration.  Results are shown from 2006, 2009, and 2011 data sets. 

FNAL new Tube study

This is an early stage attempt to  measure the stability of one of the new FNAL tubes.
The pulse is ~50 ns and the window of integration is about  100 ns.

run13 W embedding request for period 1 , <=day 126

1) 26runs have no ZeroBias daq files or have no ZB event.  

2) 40 runs need more than one daq files.  

Qpid Sender and Receiver Performance under both separate and simultaneous conditions

Attached are Qpid performance histograms for Sender.cpp and Receiver.cpp.

SSD cosmic run

Phys. Rev. C paper: "Beam energy dependent two-pion interferometry and the freeze-out eccentricity of pions in heavy ion collisions at STAR"

This the manuscript of the two-pion interferometry from the beam energy scan.  It is probably best known for the azimuthal HBT analysis.  This is the thesis work of Chris Anson.

TOF OPS: systec channel assignments

can0  Start West & Tock
can1  TOF THUB NW & trays 21-50
can2  TOF THUB NE & trays 66-95
can3  TOF THUB SW & trays 11-30,51-60

Magnetic Shielding tests update

Attatched is my report on our latest round of magnetic shield testing at PSU.

Fwd JetTree Maker "Documentation"

To get started with the forward jet tree maker do:

cvs co offline/FUP/



Jet Test Production

Below is a brief summary of the amount of disk space needed to produce a test production of the st_physics stream for run 13


                 Step  ONE : Obtain the run Information from online RunLog server

Jan 23

A day of little things:'

run13-running period