general information

NPE in Au+Au 62.4 GeV - current results and prospects for run 16


NPE spectra and v2 results from Au+Au 62.4 GeV run 2010

Run16 and AuAu62 GeV estimate


I had one presentation in the last Nov collaboration meeting talking about the Run16 and some quick estimate on the D0 v2 from 5 weeks of AuAu62 GeV

genevb: miscellaneous working plots

hello :::0 there.



... quickly add a picture on a page


It IS possible to copy-and-paste an image in the WISIWIG editor of course and this feature has been there for ages.

Access control and protections


There are many ways to provide access control and protection control in STAR's Drupal deployment.

Should I use the WYSIWYG or not?



WYSIWYG are convenient as they allow seeing what you type and as it goes but they can also be annoying to advanced users as they change your characte

Advanced & tips


Those entries will provide more advanced information including access protection, tips and notice of side effects.

How to ... pages access and content


General information


This section contain very general non-topical information on Drupal.
Start with this section for a broad overview of features.

... do you find the node number of a page?


In ... create a cross-reference to another page, we noted the node:XXX syntax but how does a user know the node number?

Test 5 - OG page, test user does not belong to the OG but ACL set

Same as Test 4 - Normal page, ACL for our non priv test user but this page will belong to an OG. This is to test how ACL and OG interact. Ideally, ACLs should take over the OG setting.

Test 4 - Normal page, ACL for our non priv test user

This page is a standard page. User 'jlauret' should have ACL to edit. Note that 'jeromel' is privileged and therefore, should also be able to edit regardless.

Test 3 - Public page, OG set to something our test user (non lead) does not belong to

Test 2 - A non public page, "protected" OG, no ACLs

A non public page, "protected" OG, no ACLs

Test 1 - A standard page, no ACL, no OG


This is a test with no special settings.

Test tree


Those pages will be used for testing adjustements of privileges. The test users will be

I cannot delete a page, why?


As any action in Drupal, "delete" is  a permission which is granted to users with privileges (your PWGC and detector sub-system's software leader) but not to normal users.

Needed theme - a warning

WARNING on theme

The theme named garland should NOT be removed as it is used for basic administration tasks (via
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