Information about how the BEMC detectors are indexed (Pre run14)

Oleksandr's Spreadsheet of Towers' Layout (Excel)
Oleksandr's Spreadsheet of Towers' Layout (PDF)

For run 14 there were signal cable swaps for PMT boxes 13->14, 15->16, and 45->46. The updated tower maps are here:

Run14 Tower Layout (Excel)
Run14 Tower Layout (PDF)

In these new spreasheets, the yellow, light blue, and light gray boxes are where the swaps are. On the outsides, the PMT boxes are labeled (PMB) and you can clearly see the swaps. As an example, here's how it would work:

Soft Id's 3521, 3522, 3523, 3524, ...., 3461, 3462, 3463, 3464 were swapped with
             3441, 3442, 3443, 3444, ...., 3381, 3382, 3383, 3384