Mapping as of May 25 2017


There has been frequent mapping and swapping etc.  Things can get confusing.  This is the mapping as of 25 May 2017, and we (tentatively) plan to keep it this way at least through the Au+Au 53 GeV running.  (Edit: nope, we remapped one more time.  See

  • FEE cards:
    • Five FEE cards are the original versions.  One-wire codes 0xA700000032C3423A, 0x4800000032C04A3A, 0x0800000032C3333A, 0x1100000032C0493A, 0xFE00000032C3413A.
    • And we have one new FEE card (one-wire code 0xE700000032C03B3A) with 2.5x higher gain.  This will be the version we use going forward.
  • We have four QT boards
    • Two are QT32B boards with no TAC (hence up to 32 tiles served, with ADC only).  These are addresses 0x10, 0x12.
    • One is a QT32B board with TAC (hence up to 16 tiles served, with ADC and TAC).  This is address 0x18.
    • One is a QT32C board with TAC (hence up to 16 tiles served, with ADC and TAC).  This is address 0x16.  Here, things get even a little more complicated, as regards the TACs
      • Eight of the TAC channels (4, 5, 6, 7, 28, 29, 30, 31, numbering starting at 0) are the original versions, which showed problems (spikes, etc) with the low-gain FEEs
      • Four of the TAC channels have improvements implemented by Steve in April/May.  These are channels 12, 15, 20, 23, numbering starting at 0.
      • Four of the TAC channels are disabled (for technical reasons related to fixing the channels described above).  These are 13, 14, 21, 22.

And, just for kicks, an additional complication is the signal from PP4TT15 is being split between a QT32B[with TAC] (0x18 ADC/TAC=8/12) and a QT32 C (0x16 ADC/TAC=19/23).

Steve Valentino made a very nice "cheat sheet" showing QTs 0x18 and 0x16, shown here:

I have made two maps showing these maps from the "detector point of view."  The first one shows simply the "Universal ID" which is 100*PP+TT (both numbering starting at 1), and the second one shows also the QT address and QT channels (starting from zero) of the ADC and TAC.  A TAC address of -1000 means there is no TAC.  They are below.  If you need to use these maps, you may want to download the file (see bottom of page) in pdf or png, and blow them up.