Data Quality Assurance


FTPC Data Quality Assurance and Quality Control

   During data taking it is very important to monitor the quality of the data being taken. This should be done at least once a day and whenever the FTPC has been turned back on.

  •   Online histograms - "Panitkin Plots"
  •   FTPC Fast Offline QA histograms 
  •   FTPC temperature readings - check if the FTPC temperature readings are in the You do not have access to view this node. There should be readings for both Ftpc body (West 6 readings, East 6 readings) and Ftpc extra (West 6 readings, East 7 readings) temperatures. It is especially important to check these after the FEEs have been turned off; there is a non-negligible possibility that the body temperature readings for FTPC East do not come up again. If this is the case, call an expert.