iTPC review responses


 The first response was by Oct 15 to provide an updated KPP. The repsonse that was send in is attached here

By November 1 we have to provide a workforce plans

The iTPC group should work with RHIC management to anticipate and identify workforce needs for construction, installation, and commissioning and develop a plan to mitigate any schedule risk due to a lack of technical and mechanical support personnel.  Submit the workforce plan to DOE by November 1, 2016.

I have worked with a few members of iTPC and STSG to come up with the first estimates. These are contained in two documanents
one describing the activities, and a second with a summary of resources. Its not yet complete.
See the attached documents.

The second items is

 Generate a Lessons Learned document from the construction and commissioning of the original STAR TPC and submit to DOE by November 1, 2016.

This has been discussed  and Jim proposes to generated a document with the many-many presenteation that we have assembled, and write an introductionary 
document.  This may actually serve us well to assemble all this material in a coherent fashion.
Document was submitted on time

The testing plan was submitted to DOE in mid September 2017 ahead of the  yearly review.