September 2016 iTPC NP review

The review was held on September 13 & 14 in Washington DC
All the talks and background material is available at the BNL indico page 

The closeout report will be posted once finalized.
I already extracted the recommendation and the comments that needs some action. Note it is preliminary since we do
not have the final report, but it should still beuseful. See attachment. (9/20/16)

The final close-out report was received on 12/14/2016 nd attached to this page. See list below

  • cover letter
  • excert from reviewers (personal comments)
  • final report

The talks from the Jan 2016 Directors review are on the BNL indico page

Response to recommendations

  1. Update on KPP -- we asked for more time on this which was granted
    We are suggesting a path forward for adding a KPP that reflects that the UPP dE/dx is achievable. At the review it was suggested, for example, to use the width from using signal from an 55Fe source. 

    The connection between observed resolution of an 55Fe source and final dE/dx is not trivial. The resolution of the source does e.g. depend on how the signal is read out e.g. via the pads or the wires. 

    We are pursuing this by simulations of MWPC response to 5.9 KeV electrons, by reviewing historical records since part of the original acceptance criteria was a scan of all sectors with sources, and investigating the just started tests with 55Fe source and X-ray gun at SDU, all to understand what the ideal response to stand alone measurements would be.

    We hope you will agree to such a path forward and the plan is to aim for having a quantified proposal by January 30 2017 for this KPP. Enclosed are the suggested table, and text.  

  2. Workforce for installation etc  main document
    1. workforce spreadsheet
  3. Lessons learned from previousconstruction
    1. Document (word) the double click does not work on mac OS
  4. Updated Project Management Plan with new milestones and resource loaded WBS
    1. The pdf of the updated WBS is here
    2. My comments to request and recommendation
  5. iTPC testing and commisioning plan September 2017