A_LL PAPER STATUS LOG--------------------------------------------------------------

23 September 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. integrated luminosities for run lists

2. polarization product averaging + error propagation

3. E_T vs pT --> progress toward E_T values for thresholds

2 September 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. For book-keeping.... Run Lists: "good" FMS runs vs. runs which make it through polarization+rellum+A_LL ::::: [ RUN 12 ] ::::: [ RUN 13]
    -- most omitted runs are either due to spikes in E, pT, or M distribution, or inconsistent relative luminosity measurement
    -- longer gaps (especially in run 12) are due to missing scaler files (which result in no rellum measurement)
    -- run 13 was not analysed for days  > day 140

2. Luminosity-weighted average overall polarization plus error propagation

4 August 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. missing scaler files from HPSS --> no relative luminosity --> omitted from analysis
  - I've asked starsoft and Hank, 32-bit files are present, but as far as I'm aware, these do not have the luminosity bits I need for rellum
  - See the starsoft hypernews conversation here: http://www.star.bnl.gov/HyperNews-star/protected/get/starsoft/9579.html

2. transverse component systematic

3. luminosity-weighted average polarizations

4. background asymmetry study progress
28 July 2016 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Run-by-run polarizations, using polarimetry P0 and dP/dT measurements
- Relative Luminosity systematics summary
- Started working on background asymmetry study

21 July 2016 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Removed HT, JP1+barrel, Dijet, and FMS base (OR of takealls) from trigger mask
- Noticed we are missing scaler files, e.g., for days 98 and 99; asked starsoft, but no conclusion reached
- Lowered minimum pT to 2/3 the peak height
- Minimum energy raised to 30 GeV
- Error on eta due to vertex width (see figure below)

To do:

- Started assessing what needs to be done for code review (see flowchart below)
- Finalize relative luminosity systematics
- Hot tower masking
- Horizontal error bars on A_LL (sensitive to calibration; need to decide on number; will be smaller than currently shown error bars)
- Sideband, like-sign, unlike-sign asymmetries
- Still waiting on ZDC polarimetry

Error on eta due to vertex width:

updated asymmetry (run12, all cells; other plots to be updated soon):

analysis code flowchart:

14 July 2016 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Run 12 and 13 500 GeV pi0 A_LL



Run Lists:



Relative Luminosity:

Kinematic Correlations (without pT-dep trigger cuts)

Run-and-trigger-dependent pT cuts:

Systematics from Relative Luminosity:

Run 12
- cannot do VPD A_N self-consistency, since individual VPD PMTs were not read-out by scalers for this year
- therefore must use A_LL via ZDC vs. VPD

Run 13
- VPD A_N self-consistency works for this year, since PMTs were read-out by scalers
- R3 from ZDC minus R3 from VPD is a bimodal distribution (2 classes of spin patterns)
- VPDx bit not present
  --> using VPDX = VPDe && VPDw (uppercase is 3-bit combination, lowercase is single bit)
  --> rate-safe corrections still possible since it's based on the 3bc's

Remaining Hot Towers
(after removing runs with "spikes" in pT or E or M)
run 12 pion hits
run 13 pion hits (note: these plots do not have run-by-run pT threshold cuts implemented yet)

Miscellaneous Concerns
- polarization scale uncertainty: https://wiki.bnl.gov/rhicspin/Results --> Run13 Updated Analysis Note --> page 9: DSA scale uncertainty is 6.6% for run12 and 6.4% for run13

Asymmetries and kinematics distributions

run12, all cells:

run 12, large cells


run 12, small cells:


run 13, all cells:

run 13, large cells:

run 13, small cells: