ITD backups of STAR computers

The following Linux systems are being backed up by the Avamar system: 

ITD backups of Linux systems
Backup Service Backup Set Notes
alh2.starp Avamar all local disk Slow Controls Alarm Handler
beatrice.starp Avamar all local disk Barrel Calorimeter and related systems
blanchett2.starp Avamar    
daqman.starp Avamar /RTS, /etc, /home, /var/named DAQ infrastructure server Avamar /home Levente Hajdu's desktop workstation Avamar all local disk Online Web server
evp.starp Networker /a/jevp, /etc, /home Event Pool (event pool data is not saved) Avamar all local disk File Catalog DB master
mtd-cr.starp Avamar   MTD PC in Control Room
onldb.starp Avamar /etc, /home, /online Online DB master
onlldap.starp Networker ? NIS and NFS server for OLP Avamar all local disk Electronics Lab private network gateway and VME boot server Avamar all local disk Offline DB master
sc2.starp Networker / Slow Controls
sc5.starp Avamar all local disk Slow Controls
softioc4.starp Avamar   Slow Controls
startrg.starp Avamar all local disk Trigger Avamar   STAR's main web server and HyperNews mail server
tofp.starp Avamar all local disk TOF Control Room PC Avamar all local disk Jason Webb's desktop PC

Avamar backup summary reports are being sent to

STAR has a group (/clients/servers/linux/star) in which we can initiate restore requests using a Windows application available here (note, this is updated somewhat frequently, this is the current version as of July 10, 2013):

Note, with ITD's help, it is also possible to restore files to a system other than the one they were taken from - very useful for recovering from complete system failures.

Spring 2013: Growth rate of onlldap's storage (passing 600GB during the 2013 run) prompted a request from ITD to remove it from Avamar and return to the Networker system for its backups.  This serves as the NIS and NFS server for users of the online Linux pool and the STAR SSH gateways.

For Windows workstations, until mid-2010, ITD provided a Retrospect backup client, which was capable of making bare-bones recoveries, but had a very short retention policy and no way to restore files without ITD's help.  They are now using Avamar for Windows workstation backups, which provides a longer retention policy, but eliminates the bare-bones recovery and excludes various multimedia files.  An improvement in Avamar is the ability to restore files directly from the client, without need for ITD assistance.  The Shift Leader computer, and the workstations used by Liz M., Bill C. and the STSG file server (amongst others) are all backed up using this system.